Alien mummy discovered in the tomb


In Egypt, one of the tombs, researchers found the body of beings of unknown origin. Mummy though looked like a man, but had special properties, which differed from both modern humans and the ancient Egyptians.

Growth of the mysterious creature was a little more than half a meter. Mummified body was found in the study of Egyptian tombs dating from the period of the reign of Senuserta II (1882 — 1872 years. Till BC. E.).

Next to the strange creature were found unusual items that have so far failed to identify. Some of the items are made of unknown materials, reminiscent of a synthetic substance that scientists do not know anything.

This material has a very high strength. Robe of an unknown substance — is not typical of the ancient Egyptians and the people of that time. During the study of the tomb was discovered hidden camera, but for what it was used is not yet clear.

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