All of Van Gogh watch online

All of Van Gogh watch online
Vincent Willem van Gogh — the world-recognized Dutch artist-postimpressionist. This movie tells about the most famous period of Van Gogh, during which he is suffering a spiritual disease, made his most famous paintings, also opens the unknown pages of the artist's life. Before you completely dedicate himself to painting Vincent worked as a school teacher, linguist, and even a preacher …
First series Aware of his childhood Van Gogh spent in Zundert, in the south of the Netherlands, early years of the coming of the artist, his love of the widowed cousin, and a vain attempt to reach the Amsterdam Institute.
The second series is devoted to the events that stood for the famous painting Van Gogh "The Potato Eaters" in his attempt to cash in on life, disagreement with his brother Theo, and the decision of the artist forever to leave Holland.
The final, third series covers period painful cooperation Van Gogh with Paul Gauguin in Arles, known story with his ear cut off, and the last days of the artist in the Paris suburb of Auvers-sur-Oise.

Episode 1

Episode 2

3 series

Historical figures, people of destiny

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