Americans celebrate the anniversary of the first flight to the moon


The U.S. space agency "NASA" celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first "moon" expedition of American astronauts who went to the flight on the ship "Apollo 11" under the direction of Neil Armstrong. In this regard, the agency's Web site published archival materials on the mission, including footage photochronicles 40-year-old.

In addition, "NASA" will also hold talks broadcast team "Apollo 11" — communication with Earth Crew sound in air second in the second, at the same time as 40 years ago, in 1969. Broadcast will end on Friday, July 24, the day when the spacecraft with the crew returned to Earth. Negotiations lunar crew to Earth has not yet been published in full. Around them moves a lot of legends, such as the fact that humans, having arrived on the moon, they saw a UFO there.

The commander Neil Armstrong

Lunar Module Pilot Edwin E. Aldrin

Command module pilot Michael Collins

"Apollo 11" — a series of manned spacecraft "Apollo", which first brought the people on the surface of another celestial body — the moon in 1969. The ship included a command module and the lunar module. Rocket used to launch the Saturn 5.


Flight preceded by months of training at a base in Houston.


The crew spent on the lunar surface a series of scientific experiments.



The purpose of the flight was formulated as follows: "to land on the moon and return to Earth."



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