Amur several villages in flood would be at risk

 Four villages in three districts in the Amur region will be at risk during the spring floods, said the regional government.

Questions about the upcoming flood and forecasts of flooding have been considered on Wednesday at the commission meeting on the prevention and elimination of emergency situations and fire safety.

"Special attention should be paid to the river near the village of Urca Ivanovka Zeya district. Blur There is gravel, which could lead to flooding of both the lower and upper parts of the village. Also dangerous areas are today the village Oatmeal Zeya district, Bolshoy Never Skovorodinsky area Ushakova Szymanowski district. require attention and towns along the river Amur from Dzhalinda, "- said in a statement.

In late March — early April professionals to specify the place of possible congestion in the rivers Amur, Zeya, Selemdzha, Bureya, argali. The Commission has already identified the location for the temporary relocation of residents from the projected flood zone if necessary.

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