Anadyr airport, closed because of the snow, took the same flight from Moscow

International airport "Anadyr" on Tuesday night for a few hours will resume on Monday interrupted thick snow cyclone and took Moscow flight delayed, but intra flights again postponed due to adverse weather conditions, told RIA Novosti the airport.

On Monday in Anadyr at temperatures 16-19 degrees below zero was heavy snow and blizzards reduced visibility to 300 meters or less, the wind speed was 18 meters per second. Departure of the flight was delayed airline "Transaero" from Moscow to Anadyr to Moscow, as well as regional flights canceled in the town of Providence and the village Keperveem.

On Tuesday, the temperature rose in Anadyr, and despite the ongoing snowfall, in the airport, on the opposite bank of the city of Anadyr, the wind speed dropped to 11 meters per second, and improved visibility. According to the representative of the airport, it has allowed to take the arrested Monday Moscow flight.

"Flight from Moscow airline" Transaero "arrived on Tuesday in the Anadyr airport at 16.30 (8.30 MSK). Departure of the flight to Moscow is scheduled for 20.00 (12.00 MSK). Meteusloviyam however, failed to carry out intra-flights operated by the An-24 and An- 26 "- said the airport, adding that the execution was postponed three flights of" Chukotavia "in villages and Egvekinot Conduct, and the village Keperveem.

As predicted by meteorologists, on Wednesday in Anadyr also expected snow, wind speed can reach 11-13 meters per second. The temperature will be 11-14 degrees below zero. Now the capital of Chukotka there is a blizzard, the wind speed is 20 meters per second, and temperatures of 12 degrees below zero.

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