Ancient mysteries: Lukomorie exist in reality?


Lukomorie — a childhood friend of Pushkin's poem on the floor. But it's actually — Myth or forgotten geography of the ancient kingdom? Numerous researchers give different addresses: the Black and Azov Seas, the delta of the Volga and the Caspian Sea …

But it is not always the number of scientific papers add clarity, and in the case of the curved shore, it seems quite the opposite — the more research, the more difficult to understand where is the actually had this fantastic country. So is it possible today to find on the map of the land that way, the symbol of which is the Pushkin Lukomorie?

In the XV century, the ordinary man in the street of Moscow (as reported by NM Karamzin) geography Lukomorya no questions were all razumeli beneath the ocean in the North, where reigns the night six months, and six months — day. A clear idea of what they do in the polar night Lukomorya residents have the Muscovites were not, and knowledge gaps complement imagination. There were beliefs that residents Lukomorya die (or fall asleep during the polar night, and rise again in the spring (wake up).

It is not a fairy tale, and part of the territory of the Eurasian continent and called on maps-Lucomorye, — was our Lukomorie to Europe for at least the Middle Ages. Lukomorie marked on maps Mercator Cantelli yundiusa. In his "Notes on Muscovy" Sigismund Gerberstein says Lukomorie located in the mountains, close to the River Ob, which bend and forms Lukomorie. It is in this Lukomorie depicted on medieval maps of Asia — there are many familiar words (Siberia, Tartary, Cossacks, Samoyeds, etc.). There are unfamiliar, such as a mysterious land Molgomzeyya in the upper Ob.

Who lives in Lukomorie?

Mandeville French traveler who visited Siberia in the XV century, talking about many peoples, nations, living in the upper reaches of the Ob River and further to the east, there is mention of bytuyuschem cult objects of worship which have been the red flag and the image of the sun.

A little later, in the XVII century, in the upper Ob Gerberstein visited and reported on their road pseglavtsev notes on the tribe, we know in Europe only by the legends and the reality of living here.

But let's not forget about the eternal passion of Europeans demonize our country. Do not avoid this, and the famous thinker — a traditionalist XX century, Rene Guenon, so beloved by our conspiracy theorists. Referring to its confidential informants, Guenon indicates Ob basin as to the location of one of the Seven Towers of Satan, adding that "the river Ob geographically is a form that supports the constant activity for a certain category of demons." And it it is exactly about the mouth of the Ob-that is, the territory which on medieval European maps labeled as Lucomorye.

However, the name Lukomorie (as in the old days was called a sea onion, bay, bay, every bend — that is curved like a bow, the edge of the beach) suggests no, bend Obi only keeps the memory of the bend of the sea — in fact curving shore, not Lukorechem called the land!

Golden Chain on oak

It is interesting that in Slavic mythology is the image of an ancient kingdom in the northern edge of the world, called Lukomorie: there is growing world tree — the axis of the world, dating back to the underworld, and the top — in heaven. Under this tree travel gods. I do not if this is the oak, on which the "Golden Chain" and "day and night, all male scientist goes on a chain around?" Oak — just one!

By the way, it is curious: in the drafts of Alexander Pushkin who recorded this tale, and hence in the folk legend, the cat goes to the right, not the left, and up and down — like the gods of exploring the world tree. Cat, like a bear — one of the sacred animal of the god Veles. Veles's grandson named Bojan in the "Lay", storyteller and songwriter appears in a poem by Pushkin and male scientist, telling the story of the poet Ruslan and Lyudmila.

Golden apple sun

About midnight realm, where the sun disappears for six months, and people fall asleep to wake up with his return, talk and ancient books of mankind — the Rig Veda and Avesta.

The ancestral home of the ancient Aryans, according to these sacred texts, six months immersed in the polar night, the sun disappears below the horizon. A resurrected in the spring, bypasses the Earth circles the horizon. "There are gained rotation of the Sun" — says Umer on Hyperborean island, located on the "other side of Ogygia." But it is possible to observe the rotation of the sun only in the North Pole, and even in Russian fairy tales, where is the image of the sun — the golden apple. Remember that? Silver saucer on which the rolling golden apple, and on a silver platter and height of the mountains, and the beauty of the heavens, and all the wonders beneath the sky …

Mysteries of the Far North

A famous map (Gerard Mercator (1569) on the site of the North Pole depicts an unknown continent with a mountain in the middle, split crosswise four rivers. Curiously, a similar pattern can be seen on the episcopal Orletsy, used in the Russian Orthodox Church for a service of bishops and in particular cases.

Mercator Map

But back to the Mercator map. Made inscription on it says that the map of the northern mainland is based on the testimony of the knights of King Arthur, as well as photos of the XIV century. So what, at the time of the early Middle Ages in the Arctic was ice? It turns out that the travelers reached the polar limits by magic — it's clear explanation of Mercator, of course, does not add.

However, numerous studies based on the comparison of the Mercator maps with modern geographical realities of Scandinavia, the Kola Peninsula, Karelia, do not allow the name of a medieval map of the scientist-product of fantasy.

Notably, the mention of the Knights of King Arthur — then the road Grail seekers have led them to Hyperborea? However, the answer to this question is also difficult, as to why Ruslan went from Kiev to find Lyudmila "to the far north", and after learning that the thief his bride — Sorcerer Black Sea (the very name of which explicitly addresses on south to the Black Sea). Temptations of witches and mermaids Pushkin pays very little space, the main adventure on the road to the "far north" can be called the dispute and a fight with a severed, but alive and talking head Tchernomor brother. The same story is known poem by Torquato Tasso's "Jerusalem Delivered", where the crusader argues with a severed, but alive and talking head Saracen (this poem is called "Iliad Crusades").

As you know, the war, these were fought over Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulchre. But here's the surprise: one of the heroes of these campaigns, gained fame as the savior of Christianity, the paladin of Charlemagne — Oger Danish falls ultimately to Avallon — so says the legend. But Avallon — is the center of the Hyperborean tradition, the center of the Apollonian sun worship, where it grows Tree Center. In short, the same oak tree in Lukomorya! In the tradition of the West Avallon is often identified with the kingdom of Prester John (hidden from the people in the representation of the earthly paradise of the Middle Ages).

The same thing exists in the Russian tradition, where Lukomorie sometimes mixed with the possessions of the king and the priest Ivan — a champion of the Orthodox faith … but summarize what was said.

There smell of Russia

Now, no one doubts that all European nations have a common ancestral home. It is assumed that she had disappeared in the Arctic ice. India and Iran will remember her as Arianna Vayedzho. The British, as Avallon. The Greeks call it Hyperborea. Germans — Tula.

Today the great powers begin to dispute over the Arctic: there countless untapped deposits of natural resources, there is an optimum place for the location of military bases to missile attacks, and more. Every European nation has its share of the rights to the legendary territory, hidden in the ice — the ancestral home of all Europeans.

And it is important to remember, for all the Slavs it — Curved seashore, where the "Russian spirit … where the smell of Russia. " Perhaps the last of our ancestors left their ancestral home of the Arctic, keeping her loyalty, and moving away from causing destruction of the ice to the south, in honor of her anoint coast Ob River, the bend of the Sea of Azov, Black and Caspian seas …

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