Another trial of an activist after his release in Akrestsin

January 6 in Grodno held court over the youth activist Ales Kirkevich. Summons issued to him during the ten-day of his release in Akrestsin. He is accused of involvement in "unauthorized meeting" during a meeting of the presidential candidates Statkevich and Uss.

December 16 during a visit presidential candidates Statkevich and Uss they refused to meet regional philharmonic hall premises. However, next to the assembled voters.

The situation was later remedied by submitting another place to meet in the auditorium of vocational builders. There and moved the column under white-red-white flags.

Ales Kirkevich charged with Article 23.34 Part 1 — participation in an unsanctioned rally. In fact appears as the use of the national flag as unregistered symbols.

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