Argentina okuppirovali evil aliens and pterodakteli!


Gennady Fedotov, a columnist for the "AN"

UFO is very unusual shape was seen in the vicinity of the village of San Rafael, located next to Lake El-Nihuil in Argentina.

Raptor or a UFO?

44-year-old fisherman Rafael Pino, said the publication Diario Los Andes, going down to the shore of the lake, noticed something hovering over the water. He immediately grabbed his cell phone and made with a built-in camera some pictures. "I was very excited, because I believe that on other planets there is life" — said Pino.
Another resident, Adrian Figueroa, also said he saw the unusual, like a bird of enormous size, the flying object when driving past the lake on the bus. "I just froze in shock from what he saw," — admitted Figueroa.
Cryptozoologists have suggested that the shot could not get lived up to the present day Argentavis magnifitsens — a winged lizard, who lived in what is now Argentina, about 10 million years ago.
Argentavisy, despite the huge size, good flying. This is indicated by the proportion of archaeologists found parts of the skeleton and bone structure of the wing. They were also strong long limbs. Height — 1.6 meters, weighs about 78 pounds. The length from the tip of the beak to the tip of the tail was 330 centimeters. Head length — half a meter! The flight feathers of the wings reach five feet in length and 18 centimeters in width. Argentavis mass is comparable to the modern African ostrich.
Lizards do not eat carrion, but a living, according to experts, production (not very large), which is swallowed whole. According to scientists, meetings with live argentavisami witnesses repeatedly reported in the XX-th and the beginning of this century. How to live to see this day prehistoric monsters — is another question.
Argentinean ufologists in the "fairy tale" about surviving pterodactyl not believe, considering that over the lake El-Nihuil another UFO was recorded, which, as is known, can take any form. Recently, flying saucers literally frequent in the country. However, they are not limited to harmless flights over populated areas and lakes.
So, in July 2009 on a farm near the town of Puelches (province of La Pampa) local cattle rancher found the bodies of seven men who cut up and down, gobies. According to the cattleman, precise, almost surgical incisions on the carcasses "looked normal. Quite unlikely that the bull was trying to defend himself from his attacker, on the contrary, he seemed to sleep on the ground and was cut to pieces alive. "
Examination carried out at the scene, denied the assumption of a natural origin of cuts or mutilation of animals from falling on them high-voltage wires (so they do not fall). In addition, these cuts were found on trees in the vicinity of the farm.
According to the Argentinean UFO organization CEUFO, before the incident for a few nights around the province people noticed in the sky strange moving lights.
With a stranger in a "war" it is better not to play
La Pampa is known ufologists numerous observations of UFOs, even in the daytime. At the same time, according to CEUFO, witnessed paranormal phenomena are not only ordinary man in the street, but also representatives of local authorities, including the police. One of them, by the way, recently interviewed a shepherd who light day, at about 14:00, he saw an object in the sky, similar to the two folded edges soup bowls. UFO hovered above the herd and the "fire" in a bright beam of animals, after which all cows are like naskipidarennye, scattered. Fortunately, none of them was hurt from the shot.
But not everything ends happily. In November 2006, another police officer from the province of La Pampa, Marcelo Alarcon, take testimony from a local resident Raul Dorado. That day, he was driving on the highway in the city of Jacinto Arauz, and suddenly I heard a rather loud sound that caught his attention. Raul got out and saw the green circle with three legs, quickly flying toward him.
The next moment, an unknown force pushed him and he fell to the ground. But consciousness is not lost, and clearly saw a strange object over which hung over him, quickly flew to the east. Thereafter Dorado for an hour I could not move, and then struggled to his feet, went to his car and returned to the city.
At the local hospital, he was examined by Dr. Ana Maria Latsaris which stated Raul partial loss of speech, and a small puncture the ring finger on his left hand something like a nail.
It Raul gradually recovered, but the hand was hurt. Dorado, when he was attacked by a UFO, was carrying a shotgun, binoculars and a cell phone, but after the incident, they were gone. Cellular company on this occasion said that the phone is out of range.
Ufology in connection with the case suggested that Raul Dorado, perhaps began to examine the UFO through binoculars, then, instinctively grabbed the gun and phone. The aliens, defense, adopted the "response", the memory of which for some reason erased from the head of Raul.
Indeed, in practice, with the Argentine UFO "war" it is better not to play. Another example — the case of the 73-year-old night watchman Ventura Maceiras of Tres Arrayosa. Around midnight, he was drinking tea in front of his sentry booth. "And then I heard a strange hissing sound — he told me later. — As if the flies swarm of angry bees. When I discovered that the sound comes from the top, then looked up and saw an object that hovered in the air a short distance above the eucalyptus forest, and had a diameter of not less than 20-25 meters. On the edge of his rotating giant glowing ring. "
Maceiras, stunned by what he saw, picked up a gun and, in any case, pointed it at the UFO. In response of the plates flashed such an intense beam of light that the man was completely blinded. Following this, the noise has noticeably increased, the light cleared, and the object disappeared from sight.
The guard felt no fear of flying saucer, and his cat reacted quite differently: uttering a cry of horror, she ran away. She was found only after 45 days. Across the back it showed signs of burns. In the short rivulet the next day found a lot of dead fish strange red.
Invasion of the Green Dwarf
In 2005, Argentina was the first documented numerous cases of panic attacks associated with the appearance of settlements … green gnomes! They were afraid of the bright lights and have always preferred to stay in the shade. Their growing was about 50-70 centimeters, the face — like monsters from a horror movie. Otherwise, they were similar to the conventional terrestrial dwarfs. On their body had a bit of wear, but certainly not out of the store.
Police searched everywhere mysterious green freaks, but the search did not lead to positive results. And gnomes, meanwhile, continued to knock on the doors of houses at night and when the hosts opened, they writhe scary faces and squeaky voice asked to go with them to a nearby forest, if it took place in the countryside, or, if the city — to the nearest the park.
Why, they ask? Maybe they lured people to his underground kingdom? The answer to ufologists came after an incident that occurred in the vicinity of the small village of Ben-to-Kuerten. Early one morning in September thirteen Christian was riding his horse through a wooded area and suddenly saw above his head he collected several huge "plates". They emit light of different colors. One of them landed nearby.
UFO dwarf jumped out of being in a gray skin-tight suit, helmet and gloves, and asked the teenager to enter the ship. Christian, as if hypnotized, tied his horse to the outer vessel and climbed up the ladder on it inside. There he saw a robot, minced bones of animals, similar to cows.
The creature took off his gloves, and the guy I saw a bright green hand with metal claws. One of the clutches of the dwarf stabbed him in the right arm near the shoulder. Subsequently, Christian argued that prick was like a mosquito bite.
The boy did not remember what happened next, and woke up already on the ground beside his horse. Over the next few days, he suffered from lack of appetite, and woke up in the night screaming. At the injection site was a small hole, and the place of landing UFO Christian father discovered the carcass of a cow without the back and ribs.
So that's who the dwarfs from the fairy tale! And in the woods or in the park they apparently lured people there to put them on your ship!
As if realizing that they have disclosed little green men were silent for a while and reappeared only after three years.
In March 2008, the city of General Guemes (Salta Province) teenager Jose Alvarez told local newspaper El Tribuno, that he and his friends accidentally photographed a green leprechaun during a night walk.
"Alvarez said: We were chatting about our last fishing trip. Was not even the night and early morning. I took out my cell phone and started snapping camera, and others continued to talk and laugh. Suddenly there was a strange sound, like someone threw an invisible stones on the ground. We turned on the sound and saw the moving grass, as if through her bush sneaks a small animal, like a dog. came out to meet us, but not a dog, but the funny thing is, like a gnome. It really scared us. This is no joke "."
"Jose added that other locals also saw this gnome. We are still afraid to go out — like everything else in the area. One of our friends is so scared what he saw that we had to take him to the hospital," — admitted a teenager. "
Police officers, after frequent complaints from residents Guemesa even had to strengthen the night patrols. According to eyewitnesses, the stranger was wearing a pointed hat shape and moved unusual gait — small steps sideways. The town is hereby imposed a curfew. After dark, few people dare to go out, afraid to meet with creepy gnome.
Two months later, a similar panic arose in another city of the same province — San Carlos. There are two local mechanic Walter Lopez and Omar Ferlatti informed the police that on May 21 about 9:04 am, they came across in his studio with a strange creature about 50 cm tall.
Green man was wearing pants, a faint light and … protected by a magnetic field! Mechanics realized this after fired into an alien wrenches and other tools jumped to the side, before reaching him several centimeters.
In the following days, the alien repeatedly seen in different parts of the city and around the hills, the agency Copenoa. Dealing with it is not the locals have tried and, as in General Roca Guemese, a long time in the evenings preferred not to go out, and at night the house was closed to all locks.
Once again, the sinister dwarf appeared at the end of November in Clodomiro (province of Santiago del Estero), which attacked a group of teenagers dancing to tango evening in one of the houses.
The attack was partially filmed on a mobile phone camera. Totally did not work, because it eliminates, in the end, could not resist and fled in terror from the scene. Consequently, experts have confirmed the authenticity of the video.
The guy, who is attacked by a stranger, was in a psychiatric hospital, where he remains to this day. On a regular incidents of green men, while in Argentina do not hear anything …

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