Arktogeya or Hyperborea

Arktogeya or HyperboreaThe great mystery of Hermann Wirth
Author: Vladimir godwits
… I was reminded of this little-known thinker chance, thanks to friends. They say there have in informal circle admirers Herman Wirth. However, who is Herman Wirth, and before I knew only in the most general terms: philosophy of history, archaeologist, lexicographer, polyglot. It seems that was seen in the collaboration with the Nazis — why his name today and was forgotten. In any case, the person entertaining.
When he got home, climbed into the Internet. What is very surprising, was able to fish there only little information about Herman Wirth. Even the English-language sector of the network has been very stingy. But managed to pull out some interesting facts.

It turns out, Wirth — author of several acclaimed books in his time, has created an exotic theory about the ancient history of the human race … Of course, I wanted to know more and decided to start with a meeting with the mysterious city virtolyubami …
Modest … apartment in a nondescript hruschobe, a small room, which serves as the main decoration of the wall carpet with Vedic patterns. Landlord — so young mediocre businessman, a historian by training. His wife — a philologist, translator. Complement the company elderly artist and young programmer. They have long been united by a common interest in esotericism, history and ancient cultures. Those nice people at once to dot the i, have assured me that they did not sectarians, and their regular tea parties are the sole purpose of sharing interesting information. Herman Felix Wirth is their revered figure, since, in their opinion, it is the most hushed of all the geniuses of our time, a scientist, build human history, twelve thousand years they hardly wanted anything that had ever been written.
Wirth's life story, although he died by historical standards, most recently, some sounds incredible tale. Born May 6, 1885 in Utrecht, the Dutch in the family doctor of theology — so, recently celebrated 125 years since his birth. Heir to ancient family, from an early age became interested in collecting old folk songs, the history of the Germanic languages, and music theory. In 1909 came the first of the high profile of his works — "Holy turn". It it was the "white woman — the Mother of light Holden," which is to come into our world, to fill it with "the morning light of divine freedom" and "loyalty to the sacred old days." Considerable popularity in bohemian circles earned his concerts, lectures, in which Wirth told those present about the various aspects of religion and northern mythology, and also served as the ancient Dutch folk songs with authentic instruments. The lute he played up to his wife, Margaret Schmidt, fully share the interests and beliefs of her husband.
In World Wirth, as a supporter of Pan-German, he volunteered for the German army. In 1916, Kaiser Wilhelm II, acquainted with the researches Wirth, granted him the honorary title of "titular professor," and the scientist is a professor of philology at the University of Berlin. It was here that he addressed the topic of human prehistory. He explores through its interpretation of the calendar symbolism, exploring almost all known at the time the "dead languages." Soon his thoughts and conclusions are known.
The basic idea was to ensure Wirth that humanity at the dawn of its history, has lived in the area of the current North Pole, where at that time there was a vast continent with a warm climate (or Arktogeya Hyperborea). Socio-political structure of the Hyperboreans was matriarchy (the cult of the White Goddess), which marks, according to Wirth, not backward, primitive culture, but on the contrary, the highest spiritual structure of the human being, based on harmony, contemplation, justice and ethics. Hyperborean writing developed signs of the calendar, which, in turn, is a metaphysical and geometrical forms observed during the IPY. The main conclusion was that the scientist that the symbolism of all modern religions and traditions reduced to the single fundamental principle Hyperborean. Even the story of the Savior he viewed through the prism of the northern mythology.
A huge difference in their investigations Wirth gave runes — the ancient alphabet of twenty-four characters. The saga relates that runes were given Scandinavians warlike god Odin. One wounded man was hanging on the World Tree, suffering from hunger and cold, until I saw the runes on its trunk. Before the fall, he gathered them together and then brought to Earth. People have become a set of rune magic symbols. They were used in a variety of rituals, for divination and poetry. In 1928, Wirth published a book "The Origin of humanity." In it, he argued that the origins of the human race, there are two kinds: Nordic, spiritual race of the North, and gondvanicheskaya covered by baser instincts, the race of the South. Wirth stated, the descendants of these two ancient races scattered among all modern nations. According to him, the first people emerged in the south of the ancient continent of Gondwana — The night of chaos and unbridled instincts of wild beliefs. At the same time, in the far north there Arktogeya, the country of the sun, reason and order. Its inhabitants lived under the laws of faith they receive from the Son of God, the manifestation of the true God.
Ancestral Heritage
According to surveys Wirth Arktogeya first frozen and then plunged into the ocean. So its inhabitants were forced to move south, gradually repopulating North America, Europe, Iran and the whole east, up to China and Japan. In the process of settling their once snow-white skin due to climatic influences and gradually mixing with gondvantsami yellowed. According to a fiery opponent of the theory of historical progress Herman Wirth, the last two millennia of human history — nothing like the agony and the triumph of civilization gondvanicheskih forces of chaos: "All modern languages and religious teachings are dead plexus more obscure symbols and signs, the key to which is lost forever with polar and polar land race. "
This is the conclusion he came from a study of "Chronicles Cheers Linda." This found in the XVII century, the book tells the story of ancient northern tribes. The vast majority of experts immediately called it a fake. Wirth, however, thought that this manuscript, written in drevnegollandski, is a translation of far more ancient manuscripts. In support of its truth it is an extensive data world linguistics, mythology, culture and genetics. As a result of its reconstruction "Chronicles Cheers Linda" was published with detailed comments Wirth. This publication has made a pariah Wirth among historians believe that even the mere question in full falsity "Chronicles" automatically discredit any researcher.
In 1920 Wirth, living in the Weimar Republic, quite closely associated with the pro-Nazi circles, and in 1924 he even joined the NSDAP. But many were not happy with, so a little later he came out. At one time, Wirth is very closely associated with the people of the Marxist circles, attended the meeting of the Marxist party companies. In Marxist ideology, he saw a number of features to impress him, but in the end can not get on with the Communists finally. Still later, he returned to the ranks of the National Socialists. But even then, and later Wirth did his best to distance himself from the occultists could not stand when it is mixed with them and used to say that fans of the occult to discredit any work to which they wish to join.
In 1933, in Munich, Wirth has organized an ambitious historical exhibition Ahnenerbe, or "Ancestral Heritage". Its exhibits were collected by him hundreds of ancient artifacts, including runes, most of which was estimated to be 12,000 years old. They were collected in Palestine caves Labrador, in the Alps — all over the world. Showed interest in the exhibition guide fledgling SS. At that point, the organization has become a simple function to outgrow the garrison of the Nazi party and claim to be the beginning of a mystical esoteric order, who took over the defense of the Nordic race in the genetic, spiritual and mystical terms. Heinrich Himmler himself wished to meet with Wirth. He offered him a partnership — and so was the creation of the famous subsequently organization "Ahnenerbe." Within its framework, Wirth was able to significantly expand its research — up to Tibet and the Gobi Desert. One of them filled expedition was seeking remnants of ancient settlements on the territory of the Hyperboreans, which has become now the North Sea. The expedition returned with a stunning findings were fully confirmed the correctness of Wirth. But soon learned ran into conflict with Hitler's chief ideologue Alfred Rosenberg. He defended the doctrine of racial superiority of the German people and hated Wirth, who stated that no superiority of one people over another can not be, as the descendants of the ancient Hyperboreans is found among all peoples, not one single. Only the intercession of influential friends saved Wirth from sending to concentration camps, but not until the fall of the Nazi regime he lived under the strict supervision of the Gestapo. Most valuable items belonging to him were seized and perished in special depositories.
God's immutable rhythm of the Year
After the death of the Third Reich Wirth came under check his collaboration with the Nazis and was released only two years later. Then he went to Sweden, where he received the financial support of their research. Then he returned to Germany, where he engaged in private tuition. Wirth is still a lot of traveling, archaeological excavations. Uphold the ideals of spiritual revolution, tirelessly continued to collect data on ancient cultures and mythologies. In particular engaged in excavations Ekzershtayne, considered a sacred site of the ancient Germans. He was going to sum up the whole of his life in a giant volume book Palestinabuch. But apparently, someone did not want this book to see the light, and unknown stole from Wirth finished manuscript just before it is sent to the printer. It shattered him, and he died — in the town of Kusel, already at a very advanced age, in 1981, on February 16. Such is life, quite a bit is not reaching for an even century. And what about the bottom line? According to Wirth, the ancient humanity lived in "the eternal rhythm of the natural life of the Year." Year is the embodiment of the divine law, according to which any change is infinite, and in the mode of the eternal return. Than for the day is the morning, noon, evening and night, the same spring, summer, autumn and winter are for the year in which all life is waking up again, moving and evolving, reaching full disclosure of the summer, at the point of outer half of the day, only to go through night in winter descent into death, for which, of course, followed by the Renaissance. Therefore, the motion in a circle around him and the treatment is the great cosmic law of God, the moral foundation of the Universe and of all Being. And the main cause of all ills of modern humans — in their falling away from God's eternal life rhythm of the Year. Because now people are rotting in his youth, body and soul, and age is a youth. In order to return to God, the modern man should recover from the mad pursuit of profit and pleasure, abandon materialism ignorant, Print all their weakness and insignificance. So said Herman Wirth, misunderstood world of Dutch professor.

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