As Russia began to drink less: alcohol sales were down

Russians drink less alcohol: This is the result of surveys and statistics. Will it be temporary or long-term positive trendentsiey?

Russian media have a strong drop in sales from international brewers in the first quarter of 2013, reports InoTV with reference to the resource ZMAN. Thus, the volume of sales at Heineken («Botchkarev», Zlaty Bazant) declined by 5%, and Anheuser-Busch InBev (TM "Siberian Crown», Stella Artois) — 17%. These data are reported by the companies themselves journalists. They attribute this trend to the ban on the sale of beer at kiosks and stalls, which is valid from January 1.

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, over the period in Russia fell by 7.8% retail sales of vodka. In addition, the share of sales of spirits in the population (among all alcoholic beverages) for the first time fell below the 50% to 48.7%. The overall decline in beer sales is not so impressive: 2.6%

Recall that in November 2012, published the results of opinion poll. Since July 2009, the proportion of those who consume alcoholic drinks a few times a week, down from 8% to 5%, 2-3 times a month — from 23% to 16%. The share of non-drinkers from 2009 to 2012 increased from 24% to 33%. 

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