Ashton: The Belarusian authorities have remained a matter of days and hours

According to the Company's press service Catherine Ashton, "The high representative of the EU recalled Sergei Martynov, that the European Union is considering appropriate measures in response to the post-election events in Belarus in order to approve them at a meeting of the Council of Foreign Affairs on January 31. "

Ashton called for the "immediate release of those detained on political grounds, and an immediate end to persecution of the opposition and democratic forces and civil society."

Before meeting with Martynov Ashton met with representatives of the Belarusian democratic forces and relatives of the defendants in the case of the riots December 19, 2010.

During that meeting, she said the interlocutors, he wants "Meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, only to looking him in the eye, to warn that the Belarusian authorities have remained a matter of days and hours to release all detainees and to try to improve relations with the European Union."

"Otherwise, you will put the most severe sanctions," — she added. About this site reported sister arrested former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov Irina Bogdanovaa.

Catherine Ashton assured that the European Union will make every effort to release Belarusian leaders and all political prisoners. "We did not expect that the Belarusian authorities ignore all previous agreements and take reprisals against the civilian society. We are determined to put an end to it, "- said Catherine Ashton.

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