Astral travel

The destiny of the elect?

To describe this mysterious ability invented countless terms. Religious people would describe it as a "way of the soul from the body." For people to be closer and more rational terms such as "astral exit", "astral projection", "out of body experience" (WTO), etc. Descriptions of such phenomena today are numerous. And, despite the variety of their interpretations, these events unequivocally say that our physical reality — this is not a destination …

However, despite its widespread phenomenon WTO serious study and have not received. Representatives of classical science but not reject the authenticity of such events, do their research is also not in a hurry. Therefore, issues of body experiences have been farmed out religion and the occult. There, the ability to calculate the mysterious destiny of the elect. Everything changed when the study of the WTO connected people who have not prevailed over religious and scientific dogma. This man's name was Robert Allan Monroe.

In fact, the value of the materials that assembled American Robert Monroe in the course of his long-term studies out of body experience, is an impartial description of the actual facts. He sought to capture "is what is" rather than his interpretation of events.
Perhaps played a role here two things. First — originally mindset R. Monroe was deeply rationalistic, and on issues such as the WTO, he did not even dreamed of. Second — Monroe never sought an out of body experience, and this experience, if I may say so, he caught up with him …

An ax head

The first chapter of his famous book "Journey out of the body", which describes the Monroe familiarity with the phenomenon of the WTO, he called "an ax head." Indeed, a better name for what happened you can imagine!

By the time of the events (1958-1959 gg.) Robert Monroe was considered a very successful gentleman with an active lifestyle. After graduating in 1937, Ohio State University, where he studied the basics of medicine, commerce, engineering, drama and English, Monroe had worked in the field of newspaper and broadcast journalism. Had worked, I must say, very well — regularly wrote articles for magazines and Sunday newspapers in New York, led the column on aviation in the monthly magazine, radio was the first leading daily program with live performances of rail travel, which he himself came up and stood for a few years. After the war, Monroe started his own company, which became one of the largest at the time of mass producers of radio programs. That is not what kind of mysticism in the life of this man it just did not go!

So when in 1958, Monroe was regularly experiencing strange vibration spontaneously covering his body before going to sleep, nothing mysterious, he did not even think. The first reaction was an appeal to doctors. But they did not find any abnormalities. Realizing that the injury data do not cause him to feel, Monroe gradually became accustomed to them. And nothing, if one night during a vibration does not find himself floating above her own body …

Here's how Robert Monroe himself describes it: "I took off smoothly over the bed. Whenever I want to stop and lift stopped — I was floating in the middle between the floor and ceiling. The sensation was pleasant enough, but I was nervous, fearing a sudden fall. A few seconds later, I sent myself down mentally and a moment later was back in bed, with all the usual physical senses fully functioning. From the moment I went to bed, and as long as I stood at the end of vibration, no break in the mind was not. " Since then such experiments Monroe became regular.

Far Journeys

As a person who is not subject to the ideas of mysticism and religion, Robert Monroe was greatly shocked by the phenomenon. "What is this? Reality? hallucination? dream? .. Psychiatric hospitals are thousands of people faced with the same problem, "- he asked. But the gradual study of spiritual literature (especially eastern) convinced him that the phenomenon — not the fruit of an inflamed imagination. This ability, inherent in man from birth.

Convinced him of this and my own experience of traveling outside the body. There are numerous cases where Monroe, in a state of astral projection, watching what they are doing at this time his friends and family, or inspecting any place where it had not been. Subsequent checks he had received information almost always confirmed.

He is often seen in the very place from which it was at a considerable distance. For example, the daughter of Monroe recalls several cases during the college saw her father and felt his presence. These points coincide with the out of body experience of Monroe, where he visited her for the sake of the experiment. Physically, this time separated them more than two hundred miles (320 kilometers) …

An interesting case is when the process of WTO Monroe had a conversation with someone from the "representatives of the Higher Mind." This entity indicated Monroe on its last incarnation. The last time, in her opinion, he was a monk in Coshocton, Pennsylvania. Some time after this one friend of Monroe, a Catholic priest who took the trouble to find out the likelihood of monasticism in a past life. To the surprise and delight of Monroe, near Coshocton and in fact found a provincial monastery …

Such examples in books and articles by Robert Monroe countless. Since opening in 1971 of the Institute for Mind by Robert Monroe, a large number of laboratory experiments on the WTO involving a significant number of volunteers and independent experts. So for the moment, in addition to evidence of the Monroe phenomenon WTO recorded in numerous documentary records.
Not limited to experimental work, the Monroe Institute has spent a great theoretical work in the field of research WTO. Have been carefully researched thousands of letters from all over the world, where people talk about their experiences of astral travel. Hundreds of sociological research (surveys, interviews) on the subject.

From ancient Egypt to the Kansas State

All this made it possible to Robert Monroe formulate some ideas on out of body experiences that are as free of religious bias.

First. WTO — is a universal phenomenon inherent to man, regardless of religion or race. According to Monroe, "reports of the WTO, closely resembling the description, well-known from the literature of ancient Egypt or in other Eastern sources can be found, say, a housewife from Kansas."

Second. WTO is at least once in a lifetime for most people, and at the same time by accident (at the time of sleep, illness, stress).
Third. WTO is one of the most profound personal experiences tried him human and radically change its view. In place of religious belief comes knowledge.

Fourth. For experienced WTO, as a rule, very pleasant event. A rough estimate of Monroe, 90-95% of people in the WTO felt deep joy, and only 5% were scared because the only explanation that comes to their mind, came down to the fact that they are dying. Therefore, the interpretation of the WTO case as the official religion of the "wiles of the devil" — is an attempt to stop people in their knowledge of themselves and their true capabilities.

Thus, the book by Robert Monroe and the development of its institutions will allow hundreds of people to expand the horizons of everyday reality, the mystery …


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