ATTACK of the night

If you are not up in arms at a professional magician, or you do not take revenge foe, the energy attacks, which is popularly known as the evil eye and spoilage, usually done in the afternoon.

During wakefulness our subconscious is the guardian of the body and feels these invisible attacks, about which alerts us with an unpleasant feeling. If you believe that the cause of your ailments can be not only bad food, pollution, viruses, etc., as well as various non-traditional factors, it means, you can take appropriate protective measures. For example, mentally surround yourself with energy shell, set around an impenetrable wall, and so on, and so on the way many, choose any.

But here comes the night … The body is resting, the mind is turned off. And in this time bioenergetic strike is very dangerous. As mentioned above, sorcerers accidental bedevil it at night. Anyway, if you notice, they do their dirty work is in the dark. But, as they say, "and good marksman may miss" — is a proven remedy that is recommended by traditional healers. This is — an ordinary egg.

Protection technology that is simple. Wash whole fresh eggs under cold running water. Wipe it with a clean towel or handkerchief and write in it with a soft pencil or felt-tip pen his name. In the evening, when you go to bed, put the egg in a cardboard box at the head next to the pillow. Please note that the box should be made of synthetic material such as synthetics will stun biovolny and the egg does not meet its security function.

In the morning take a look: if the night is not cracked or broken, let it stay in this place for a week. A week later discard. In any case, do not use it for food, frugality and thrift then serve you a disservice, as the seven days the egg is thoroughly imbued with all the bioenergy trash that collects from the surroundings. After all, it and its use.

If the egg is cracked or broken before the week of, replace it with another. And you can even several. The fact that the damage to the eggs for no apparent reason means that the energy impact was strong, and the egg is unable to absorb all the negative energy directed against you.

If a new egg after spending a week, will be saved, so the attack was of a one-off — for you "fired" once, and calmed down. But all the same as in the first case, put in his place a fresh, to check whether the enemy does not want to strike again.

Of all possible, if a little thought to make any conclusions. And the ritual of guarding the egg too. Notice when it cracks or beating egg. Suppose a rare situation — you are completely isolated from the people — 10 years sitting in a hut in the taiga. The question is, who could hurt you? Probably, in all situations where the enemy unknown and there is no apparent reason for revenge, it must be sought in the past. Think about who you hurt so much that he tries to get you anywhere, and his thirst for revenge is not diminished over the years, as the Count of Monte Cristo.

But, most of all, you quickly bind night attack with the events of his daily life. You had a fight, someone walked in the service, parted with a man who had been in a relationship, broke with a business partner, etc. All of these can cause unseen blow. But do not make the common mistake — do not transgress on what constitutes their main enemy, or someone who has the most reason to avenge you. People are all different, some may be in words villains, but in fact they cross certain lines and will not do black magic. But there are those who seemingly harmless, all agree, is always obsequious or non-contentious, but which, instead of the soul — a mess.

Of course, the question is how to find out who is friend and who is an enemy and who is just like that? You can turn to professional magicians and psychics, but then a new problem arises: who are a true professional, and who is just enough money to start your business and advertise in newspapers? It is clear that these "professionals" do not help, but only confuse you. Council two.

First, take the emotion in this case is not the adviser. It is often true when you think, "Yeah, this is — it is! Well, I told her! .. "- Then it turns out that this special for you just do not care, but she says hurtful words to you just because it such a mischievous nature. Second, the act of exclusion. Deliberately organize a small conflict with a person who is suspected. Then look at the egg. If after your provocation begins: conflict — crack, conflict — a crack, there is reason to suspect that person.

There are many options and think they have to help yourself as a detective. Yet finally, some give specific advice on the diagnosis of damage and the evil eye. Determine if there is or not, can such a simple way:

"- A piece of bread to soak for 1-2 minutes between the serried hands and throw in a glass of water. If after 1-2 minutes the bread had gone down, the evil eye or damage is

— Light a match and let it burn out and throw in half a glass of water. In the presence of the evil eye-damage match 1-2 minutes sinks.

Ivan smoking, hereditary healer

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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