Authorities sharply increase the price of beer, vodka and cigarettes

The Belarusian government has prepared a draft state solution, if adopted with effect from January this year, excise duties on beer, vodka and cigarettes will rise by 4-5 times, said the agency "Interfax-West" a source in the bodies of state administration.

"Excise taxes are traditionally indexed each year in line with inflation. In This year, Economy Ministry expects inflation to 40%, with the new excise he wasand increased by 8%. To protect the relevant budget income from inflation is offered in proportion to increase the rates of excise duty, "- said the source.

In her opinion, the increase in excise rates will allow to eliminate the disparity in retail prices both in Belarus in comparison with a number of nepadaktsyznyh goods, and compared to the cost of similar excisable goods to Russia. "It is not normal when a bottle of vodka in Belarus costs two dollars (Br10 thousand — IF). Normal, when beer is cheaper than ice cream, and the" ink "is less good mineral water," — said the source.

"It is not normal when a bottle of vodka in Belarus costs two dollars

"The idea of a rate hike in the excise duty, the retail prices of excise goods conform to the devaluation of the dollar equivalent," — he explained.

Moreover, increase in excise rates consistent with the trends of building the Customs Union. The source recalled a Russian proposal to member states gradually increase vehicle excise duty on cigarettes, so that by 2015, to bring the excise tax on the average European level.

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