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Among all the values which are given to all known Wikipedia, Avalon — is not only a favorite fantasy world of Robert Zelazny network malls or movie title, it is primarily a mythical island, lost the True Center of the World. This is the place where, according to legend, a magic boat was taken away after King Arthur was mortally wounded in earthly battles. To this day it remains a mystery whether the "island of apples" (also known as Avalon ") is actually or is it just a fairy tale.

Anyone interested in mythology, knows the legend of King Arthur, which is actually just fell asleep and was only waiting for the right moment, that together with his knights to come back and help the world. In the old days this legend believed, without exception, until in 1191 the monks of one of the English abbeys, Glastonbury, do not claim that once upon a time it came to the Great King, who was fatally wounded. Here, in the Abbey, he died and was buried.

It should be noted that this area has always been shrouded in mystery, there were a lot of legends. They were linked not only to the times of King Arthur, but with the existence of the Celts. It is in this abbey was living out his days sir Lancelot, who became a monk. Here was imprisoned and Queen Guinevere. The site was hidden and the Holy Grail, which was brought here by Joseph Arimofeyskim.

In ancient times, it is this abbey was called Avalon, and the terrain is always happy with a fine crop of apples. Its territory was on the hill, which was surrounded by swamps. It gave him the appearance of the island. Moreover, in the ancient chronicles to denote islands, peninsulas or high embattled hill is used the name "Avalon".

But no matter what, even after the abbey in the tomb was discovered by Arthur, there was a lot of skeptics who did not want to believe that it is the mythical Avalon Glastonbury.

The reasons for this lack of confidence is very good. First, the tomb of King was found at a time when most of all it was necessary to find the finances to repair the monastery. Thus, the grave is realistic and could forge.

The second reason was very simple, but no less important. The fact is that people do not want to believe in the death of Arthur, in that he will not return to bring justice and kindness. Besides, more and more often there are people who identified themselves as the Great King, which gave the monks a lot of problems.

Moreover, there is considerable evidence of sailors, who said that repeatedly seen in the ocean green island of great beauty, which was shrouded in mist and clouds. But all the ships that tried at least a little closer to it, forever disappeared and never returned home. Those who had the courage to walk up, told me that this small area of land in the middle of the sea appeared only for a few minutes, and then disappeared, as if it does not there. It is this unusual island and was named Avalon long before the abbey. And that is where Arthur was buried. The legends of the great attention paid to the fact that the island have found peace and soul druids, and souls of heroes, not good enough for heaven and not bad enough for hell. They live on the island of evergreen forests.

On the same island is a fantastic country elves and fairies, you were looking at the world. Time here is flying much faster, live the most beautiful creatures and will always listen to music.

Mention of the island frequently found in Celtic sagas. According to them, the Avalon — a place where the gods live and where everything is covered with precious stones. And that's the legend about the gods of the tribe of the Goddess Danu become the primary source of references to Avalon. There are some legends, according to which all got there in spite of incredible wealth and abundance, always dreamed of returning to their homeland. Usually kept them on the island of a beautiful woman, the love of which the Celts mutilsya mind. When they were able to return home, it turns out that did not have them for decades. Therefore, almost all of whom were able to return, turned to the elderly and literally crumbled to dust.

Essential attributes of the island were a branch of apple, beautiful charming music and apple, with which you can feed everyone, and it thus remains intact. Even the title says the same thing — Inis Avalon means "island of apples." The Celts, along with this there are other name — Emayn-Ablah, but it has the same meaning.

Some sagas said that the island is home to great warriors and their companions, as well as kings and queens. Their whole life is committed various feasts and celebrations. They all lived in a big castle, where there were a few small ones. The castle was made of crystal, gold and blue.

It is such an abundance of precious stones and metals has been one of the reasons why the Celts attributed the island to the other world. This was indicated by the presence of a glass tower that appears in many legends. That applies to Avalon afterlife, and indicates that the island has no night, and all the inhabitants go without material food.

To date, such a theory may seem at least strange, as has long been proven that the structure of the Earth's crust is the core, mantle, and other items. But many centuries ago people were convinced that the planet is flat. That is why some scientists can not conclusively refute the possible existence of the island under the ground.

Myths that magical island is under the ground or under water, also have their roots in ancient times. But do not think that in those days people were dense, though, because just then there was a powerful Sumerian civilization, which is far ahead in the development of a modern human. Yes, and also periodically had work travel to the center of the Earth. Believed in it, and not just ordinary people, but also scientists, such as Galileo and Euler.

For centuries, the researchers recorded the occurrence of periodic unknown lands in the Arctic. A Cook even wanted to take photos. One of Norwegian scientists, Olaf Jansen, said that along with his father traveled to the north, where at one point they fell into the hole and have already entered the south pole. On the way they met the Giants and visited the cities described in the sagas. Again, the presence of fog and soft artificial light. Similar descriptions exist in a lot of literature. Of course, interesting to read, but believe they are completely still not worth it. Perhaps the authors simply got carried away at the time the Celtic myths and legends

However, if you had to assume that the island exists in reality, it is quite possible that all these researchers holes and doors can be entrances. And the island itself can be anywhere, even underground.

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