Baltic Fleet ships hold fire in the Mediterranean Sea

Baltic Fleet ships from the mezhflotskoy groups acting Mediterranean Sea, on Tuesday will hold a live fire exercise, reports the Press Service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging.

Earlier, the chief of the General Staff, Colonel-General Valery Gerasimov said that in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, an active phase of the naval exercises with the role of more than 20 ships and 3 submarines, including one nuclear, managed by Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces General Colonel General Alexander Postnikov.

"Guards missile cruiser" Moskva "and watchdog ship "Sharp-witted" from the group acting Mediterranean sea, in the evening on January 22 will arrive at the appointed area, where they will hold a number of naval exercises, including battle shooting. To ensure the safety area shootings, in accordance with the requirements of international maritime law, was previously declared unsafe for navigation, "- said in a statement.

After completing the testing of the planned activities battle training in the waters of the Black Sea huge amphibious ships "Kaliningrad" and "Alexander Shabalin" take a course on the area of the Bosphorus straits — the Dardanelles, then join the other members of the exercises in a designated area. Passage of the Straits is scheduled for 24 — 27 January 2013.

Other warships taking part in the exercises: large anti- ship "North", patrol ship "Yaroslav the Wise", a huge amphibious assault ship "San Francisco" and "Azov" currently being sent to the area exercises.

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