Belarusian Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas

Metropolitan Filaret, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus appealed to the faithful to the traditional message of Christmas. He called for "a special responsibility for the actions of the present day."

In a message, in particular: the dream of a man of a perfect home life must begin with "determined to develop their personality, to establish their relationships with near and far, to develop a relationship with God by the laws of the One who created all this visible and invisible world, — according to the laws of the Creator. "

As an example of the lives of people who built the "temple of the soul and its destiny," Metropolitan actions brought Euphrosyne, abbess of Polotsk, which 850 years ago made created with her blessings vzdvizalny cross in the Holy Transfiguration Church of his monastery; Polotsk master Lazarus Bogsha that Cross created Euphrosyne, which became the "symbol of historical, religious and national dignity of the Belarusian people"; architect John, who built in Polotsk Transfiguration Church — "spiritual cradle from western monasticism."

Filaret called for "a special responsibility for the actions of the present day." "We are building our national home and take care of his fate within the home-Slavic, European and universal. What will it depends on the quality of the spiritual and civil thousands and millions of homes and families of our compatriots from the beauty of the temples of our souls and our hearts abode of piety, "- noted in the letter.

Regarding the Orthodox Christmas to Metropolitan Filaret asked the ex-presidential candidate Gregory Kastusyou.

"In This year, Light Day in Belarus for 20 days marred by violence against the citizens of the state, the scale of which is unprecedented since the Soviet era, and which passed all bounds of common sense, justice and morality, "- writes in circulation Gregory Kastusyou.

"It is impossible to justify the broken glass doors deliberate massacre of hundreds of civilians (in including women and the elderly), "kanveernyya 'verdicts on the basis of written reports from the same script, refusals to provide medical assistance to the victims, an endless number of searches, seizures, arrests, threats. It is impossible to justify retention in jail people who not only do not have to do any violence in the events of December 19 2010, but also tried to stop him — and has seen literally thousands of people who have seen with their own eyes "- said Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party Grigory Kastusyou.

Alexander Lukashenko has congratulated Orthodox Christians of Belarus Merry Christmas.

"At Christmas time we rediscover the simple truth: Where there is no agreement, trust and mutual support — there will be no happiness, no fullness of life. And if we want to change lives for the better, it must first of all maintain spiritual strength and unity of our the people, to educate young people on the basis of traditional values and ideals of the Belarusians. Only unity will make us strong, free, able to transform the world, will be the basis for new achievements "- quoted message from the President's press service.

Service on Christmas Day in Minsk Cathedral

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