Bezsovestnaya another attempt to introduce surveillance of citizens of Russia

After resonant incidents in Bryansk and the Perm region, linked to the disappearance of their children and many days of Investigation, Ministry of the Interior has proposed legislation to allow police to listen to cell phones Russians without a court order in emergency situations related to the search of the missing.

By law, the mobile operators refuse to provide the coordinates of the mobile phone ring tone, which may be a missing person, because it is a secret phone conversations. In turn, the courts have refused to allow the operatives wanted by calling the missing persons.

This initiative has already caused MIA sharply negative reaction from human rights activists and lawyers. In their view, "all this is again directed to" crackdown "and is used for political investigation and corporate raid." Because in each case a missing person everything can be solved quickly. A court approval can be obtained within 15 minutes.

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