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We continue to publish impressions of the events of December 19 and the first comprehension. Blogger volja 19th was an observer at a polling station in Minsk. On the ballot, "counting" votes, as well as what happened after she left the station in the city, she wrotefor a blog site livejournal.

I do not know how things will develop in Belarus. The only reality is that over the last few weeks has come to represent a state of war. The ideal picture is cracked and some top soil away from under his feet. If before the power is somehow more or less successfully invented it could hold a virtual reality, but now for the usual mask began to exude the true face — distorted by fear and hatred. And any action inconsistent — on the one hand it is necessary to intimidate dissenters, somehow blind case of "coup d'etat" and the other patch the image of a "general support." But the first steps make that very contrived reality is a blatant lie. A lie is known as a short-lived thing, and fear is not infinite. If the truth is opened to people, then the fear is gradually disappearing. After all, what would people do not Paskuda they were created by nature that is free of lies and invented reality. The lie is the nature of man, it destroys it, making a weak and cowardly.

Just what we still have to go through to the truth finally prevailed?

Next will be mnogabukaff of the election itself, and 19ga, and all the things that I felt in those days. Just in case you do not forget.

I'm not going to go to the polls because they do not believe that anything will change with them. I have not followed the election campaign and did not listen to the speeches of candidates. But at the last moment succumbed to some kind of inner feeling and decided to go, as the crumbs do not regret it. You should have seen it with my own eyes and I had to go through.

Watching "elections"

I appeared on the site and the 7th in the morning as instructed. The Commission was already in full force. I had the feeling that I get into some enemy camp. It can be seen and the members of the commission, despite its stretched courtesy, felt the same way. I was a 19-tai in the list of observers, which is very surprising. In the space for observers corner was sitting two girls. After greeting them, I learned that they put forth by Suvorov Military School. Yeah, so other observers such as "appointees." Later came a woman from the party of Labor and Justice, Social Sports Party of White Russia. There was also a grandfather of Union Veterans of all visible ex-military, but too young veteran of the Second World War. There was a girl my age, which I took to be "our" because it somehow stood out from the whole gang. But it was put forward by the executive committee. (But still it was very sweet and could not see very glad of the role to be played.

According to legend, the electoral commission was composed of workers at Atlanta, but the site of the election commission is obvious that it was made up of many different people. The most helpful was Valentin (if I remember correctly). — You come to us from far away, with the Lida, probably did not have breakfast yet? Come on I'll buy you a coffee — and took me to the class, which played the role of the cabinet. -We are all human. It should be the same as a human concerns.

Meanwhile, talking to a "designated" by the observer he is conspiratorially she said — Well, you know where all of us dare. But in the class I was convinced — you all will see that there are no violations, we will not.

And here you see that everyone knows the truth, but deliberately saying exactly the opposite thing. And in my mind it can not vparadkavatstsa. Valentin, I'm sorry, so climb in the ass, that his excessive politeness seemed even then, it is unlikely that all will be transparent and legitimate. After coffee secretary called me for breakfast "at the expense of the plant." I sat for ten minutes at a table with the commission, ate salad and quickly ran away, depriving themselves of the need to listen to the conviction that what we have "fair elections" and that in this area "must be all right." Of course Valentin thought ducking me to her, he shut me up, when they count the votes. But do not wait.

I went back into the hall to vote, sat down next to two "designated" observers listened to their conversation. One of them was from White Russia and the other on the social and sports games. That which was from White Russia secretly complained to the other, and then to me — Oh, as under communism. I have spent my youth was in the League, and then in the Communist Party, and now forced to be in this White Russia. If I had my way, I would never not come here to watch.

But as soon as I inadvertently threw some remark about the current regime, the ladies immediately changed the rhetoric. — What we are all good, just enough, the main thing is that there was no excitement and no war. And then there somewhere in the Greece you look at what the disorders! But here everything is quiet …

I was sick of this neprabivaemay logic about "peace and tranquility". It's all (and by "observers" and the commission and election) was like some kind of collective schizophrenia. There was no point in even arguing and look for arguments. I sat in confusion looking at the total darkness, which was formed in front of me and I felt bad. Lord, when will it all end?

Remote voting

To some razveyatstsa not sit blankly at the site I went to the remote vote with two members of the commission — Basil (Sr.) and Andrew (Jr., 30tsi years). Before that, I heard that remote voting also falsifies, replacing the box with the correct ballot in the last apartment. For this and would like to watch. But in my case there was nothing fake — almost the entire contingent of voters at home supporters obsessed tyrant.

Incidentally, Vasily that participates in elections since 1996 when I began to joke that in a few years it will give the title of "honorary member of the electoral commission," added Andrew — yeah, or hang on a branch. Really feel what you are doing wrong? What, then you headed? Money, fear? Or naive view that the responsibility rests with the Lukashenko? — In silence I thought to myself.

In all of the apartments, where we went and lived retired. Weak and helpless, they are barely moving. Many of them could barely keep himself mark the ballot. There were altogether recumbent, with the look already aspiring to the world voted for their "representatives" — the wife or daughter. These apartments were similar to each other. They have stood the musty smell of old age and impending death. The setting was seen unchanged for decades: the old Soviet sections, with dinner service and a former intellectual wealth — collections of Soviet encyclopedias and classic Russian literature. And the residents of these apartments all voted the same way — for stability and permanence, their trembling hands, finding a long list of one correct name, even without reading the rest. From time to time, unable to control his consciousness, these old rare Belarusian pronounced the words that they have been etched in the fight for a bright future of communism. Certainly on the verge of death, people tend to return to his childhood and the distant past, forgetting that it was an hour ago. Even so the tongue back as a reflex to welcome a child of cubbyholes consciousness, which melted before our eyes.

I came out of the apartment, feeling like a prisoner of these older people and their dreams, allegedly buried alive in a mass grave of the Soviet Union.

I returned to the area incredibly emotionally tired. I was sickened by th
e thought that the sur never end. It was kind of a parallel reality that I could not get out.

Among the observers, I suddenly saw a woman, who spoke Belarusian. It was from the CCP BPF. At the moment I am happy that at last — its people. But before I could introduce myself and to exchange a few sentences, it has made me an enemy of Belarus. — You have not seen early on? How then can you can watch? Look at them, they also give a mustache as many votes as you want! And you think voting is going well? See how far the urn, the same can not see anything! For you, this is acceptable? Yes, you probably are interested to mustachioed victories! (Something in this style)

That was something! On the one hand a hostile commission appointed observers and other inadequate nationalist who sees all the enemies. At some point I felt totally helpless in this nuthouse. Only then approached two other men of the CCP BPF, more friendly and adequate, so the remaining time I prarazmavlyala with them. But, unfortunately, counting back again the woman putting me in front of the prospect of confrontation, not only with the commission, but also with her.


Relations committee members began to change for me after lunch. After my return from bypass voting chairman Yakublevich repeatedly asked how I was doing. Valentin wanted to feed again. But as soon as I got a little closer to the polls Chairman asked me to sit in a nook for the observers.

Evening came, and 20.00 when the site is due to close. Once the voting is over, the secretary of the commission said that they need to rest for half an hour. I immediately asked, why wait another half an hour? This cute and helpful Valentin's face changed, and in a raised voice began to threaten me with the removal of the site, if I vaznikats and hinder the work of the commission. — We need to rest and prepare. All exit from the hall to vote! — To prepare for what is interesting? — I started to make jokes. Although Valentin pakrychev a little on me, but in the end none of the premises and did not leave. The Commission has placed tables — closer to us to decompose and count ballots, farther behind — the tables with the names of the candidates.

Of course, we were sitting, so that will never see what was indicated on the item itself on the ballot.

It all began with the conversion of ballot papers (no votes!) With early voting and remote voting. The number of ballots counted and set aside. When I remarked that they must immediately count the votes Valentin started yelling at me again that they know what they should do, and I'll heal quickly from the room. On the table dumped ballots boxes of primary voting. The committee members began to dismantle them and put in a pile. However, they hardly talked and did not ask anyone newsletters for which candidate. Chairman of the commission approach to each member of the commission, took these stacks and bred by the names of the candidates. However, he never wrote down how many times and how many papers he put each candidate. I do not even remember that the members of the commission called their numbers chairman. He just bred so that the stack of Lukashenko had the most votes. I thought that at last they can even count the number of ballots for each candidate to make a kind of true vote. But no, they do not even done!

When the chairman began to put the paper because he wanted to, I could not stand it and very politely asked to see what there is in the stacks? On that not even the chairman, and Valentin replied simply — no, you can not, you do not trust the commission? If trust, I was not here.

By the end of rastasovki newsletters I broke down and got up early to pay attention to the violation of Article 55 of the electoral law. Veteran led me to try to say something, but then stopped. Valentin angrily stopped me and told me the police officer to withdraw from the hall. — Leave the room! Get her out! — Shouted Valentin. The policeman, a young man, barely audible voice — let's go. But I said I was not going anywhere. And there was more. I waited for the policeman himself fit and will have to pull out or Valentin will continue to shout at me. But he just said — Sit down. But I'm still standing. And he no longer tells me nothing. The hall was Grabovaya silence and only the rustle of the latest bulletins.

I stood and looked at the people on the commission who were sitting at the tables, not having the courage to look up. It can be seen on my face was painted such contempt that they even say nothing more asmelvalisya. Their faces and the behavior of all the talking for them. It was just a theater of human souls. I could only imagine what was going on, but the facial expressions were very characteristic. Few people really know how to lie. It was incredible how people are going to shit and so is traded conscience.

I was sad, but at the same time I felt that I was right and they were not, even if they are many times more, and I'm alone. In my eyes the commission robbed hundreds of people, depriving them of their right to vote. And they knew it, and somewhere in the depths of their cowardly little soul should stir the conscience. I looked at Basil, which went to the remote voting for him sad and slightly flushed face and I thought, well, what is your honest elections, about which you told me? You're not even able to hide the fraud!

If the ballots have been placed in piles chairman of the commission came to the woman who was sitting at a distant table and they began to consider something. It was believed for twenty minutes on a calculator. Apparently someone was calculated how many votes to give.

I have dreamed that ended as soon as possible this circus. I called on the area and heard the joyful voices of the crowd. I did not matter what numbers they draw. My whole being torn there, to friends, to those who came out to defend their vote.

The result was predictable — in Lukashenka 1213 votes, 1651 people who took the vote. Balance votes divided between the other candidates. But that was not all I still had to fight to beat out a copy of the protocol. The Chairman has started vaznikats that they should not give it to me! Kapets. Valentin on all my words about breaking the law, and said only: — All complaints in writing. And it's not for you to decide whether the violation.
That's it.


It was after ten o'clock at night, when I ran out from the site. I walked briskly through Nemiga. People came to meet me, and I wanted to shout to them — you know what's happening now? Why are you not there? Telephone service was bad. I went to Independence, and saw quite a thinning crowd. I saw his brother, adelka with krebsik and went to say hello to Tanya. At this time Khadanovich sang the song "Moore will soon collapse" without the guitar. Someone sang. I looked at the people quietly left and sadly thought again, it did not work out. And the very thought has to go, but still would like to see other friends. Suddenly from behind the house the government threw riot. From the podium someone urged not to succumb to provocations (I just can not make out voices of candidates). Then they told me that the police have agreed — they will not touch people if they will be given equipment. A minute later it became clear that no one who has not agreed. People started to take off from the podium. The crowd began to back away, and I'm with him. I watched as riot police cuts away the people who were closest to the house of the government. I jerked forward, because somewhere there must be a close friend and brother. The telephone does not work. And then I saw a horrible picture — like jumping over the heads of riot batons. People retreated, and I stopped in all of the despair and the thought that in the mash can be a brother or one of my friend
s. There were feeble attempts to stop the retreat and become a chain. But they are not supported.

And would zdrazhvayuchy yourself and the people cut off by riot police, I retreated. Where are you, girl, with bare hands against armed with batons and shields brutalized men? Then I stopped and stood stupidly and cried as the last gisterychka, despite the fact that there is. I was scared and hurt. Pass me the guys were split-heads.

Then the crowd suddenly moved across the road. I'm for them, but then called brother. We met in Minsk hotel. I thought to go with it. But not sustained, sent him, and went into the passage to meet with bezymov near the main post office. Coming out, I thought it's worth to go home. I called Tanya and told me that now I'll go for it. But on the way out, I saw two rows of riot police, after which there was no escape. Attempts to get them to let go of caustic caused laughter and stupid jokes. Animals. Come more people who roamed the transition to find a way out, but no one was released. I was confused considering this living wall and looked for at least some wild boar to slip past them. And then suddenly something happens, riot police were gone, I took the police some guy. Someone somewhere cried out — lets people. Several of those who continued to stand in the front row, looking bewildered head and screaming — back build. But I ran away from them. Sniffing, I met with friends, the tears did not stop trembling. We went on a visit to Ales for friends with whom I do not normally peraznaemilasya. Once there I woke up a little bit. But the feeling was like in the middle of the fighting. After all, this was a war — a war of power possessed madman and his dogs against its own people. Came the news of the beaten and arrested: a guy with a broken hand, women with broken heads. The authorities turned to the junta.

I was driving home in a taxi. Metro did not open even after midnight (apparently were stripping). Area in October was completely empty. Only gebe and cops. Avenue near the middle McDuck was an ambulance and Grove. All zachystsili. — Though they were all alive, though all were still alive … dizzy. Quickly, so that we are not taken away, we went with his mother to a friend's town hall, where I caught a taxi. She went to see me, one that I did not attract attention, thanks to her for that, because I felt like a drunk.

Excitement gave way to a complete stupor. Before I sit down, the taxi driver asked — well, that escaped? It can be seen on my face was all written. I tried to say something to the taxi driver but his indifferent tone amazing and annoying. On reaching the destination street, I asked to stop on the highway, she'll make more. But I was not, and a couple of steps when suddenly I stopped near a black car and uncle with a big puffy face mumbled something "can give you a lift?". I could not even say anything because it looked at the red-and-green flag, attached themselves to the panel. He never left. It was occupied by the city, which is us and them. Fear and helplessness. I fell asleep and I thought that they had won and tomorrow anything can happen: prison, beatings, and death. There was no faith, no hope, only toothless hatred and despair.

Never in my mind the reality was not shared by these two poles and evil has not taken a specific person. Evil — is when everything is subordinated to the will of one man, but above all law. He destroyed human dignity through fear, or simply banal buying consciences. The dictatorship of one creates an environment where a person is put under a tough choice, comfort and prosperity or the truth and conscience. Illusion rather stiff, uncomfortable truth. I just wish that those who choose comfort at some point seen in what monsters they have turned to just thinking what it means to be human? These thoughts did not give me no rest in the night.


Only later in the next few days, having been in court, watching the process, some having had a talk with the prisoner, somewhere inside is back hope. And while I still hated man in the street, living in his cozy parallel reality somewhere inside was born from a sense of peace that the world really. Court is not to make the law, he just pointed out that we have no rights, but also the fact that we are afraid.

For these days those fed the usual hugs with friends and acquaintances have become warmer and more significant. After all, we just do not have anything but ourselves, friends, and just those who believe in the same thing we are. I watched as people carry aid, transfer money, help to transfer peradachki. And it relieves the pain. I still do not know what to do, and I do not see how you can overcome, what is happening now. The only thing that my fear was gone. After all, people of punishing themselves. That evil is what they are doing in relation to its own citizens shall devour them from the inside.

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