Bloggers reveal provocation power during protests in Moscow

Provocateur was a member of the movement "Nashi". Photos of "KP"

Russian bloggers continue to accuse the security forces of the Russian Federation in organizing provocations and violence in Moscow during the rallies in support of a fair investigation into the murder of fans of "Spartacus" Yegor Sviridov.

Since the object of attention of users "LiveJournal" has become a so-called "ziguyuschy provocateur" — the guy who often spotted with his hand, depicting Nazi salute:

How do I find bloggers, this man's name is Levon Arzumanyan. It is next to the head of the Information and Public Relations of the Moscow police Viktor Biryukov during a visit last rally on Manezh Square on December 11.

It also appeared that the "provocateur" is a member of the pro-government youth movement "Nashi" in Sochi.

Bloggers reveal provocation power during protests in Moscow

Russian bloggers thus conclude that the government tried to discredit the provocations by the people's protest against the lawlessness in the country, explaining his xenophobic sentiments.

"Our" disowned "ziguyuschego provocateur"

"Nashi" denies any involvement in the besopryadkam at the Kiev railway station in Moscow on December 15, said the radio station "Echo of Moscow" deputy head of the press service of the movement Anastasia Fedorenchik.

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