Blood type and nature

Blood Group person regardless of race, sex or age. It is inherited and the end of life is unchanged. To some extent, it determines our inclinations, character, and attachment. This was confirmed by the study of over a million residents of Japan.

Japanese scholar described the people with different blood types:

Group 1 (0). Holders of this blood type are energetic, outgoing, they have good health, a strong will. Resistant to neurosis, quickly restore power. They are not without emotion, tireless in tremlenii to success and leadership. At the same time, very jealous, fidgety and ambitious. All this, however, does not prevent them from being good friends.

GROUP 2 (A). These people are willing and are mandatory, conscientious attitude to work, work, even in high stress. Good friends and, as a rule, men of valor. In all love harmony, tranquility and order. Sensitive, patient and friendly. They — maximalists. Their flaws — stubbornness and an inability to relax.

GROUP 3 (B). This blood type people possess delicate, sensitive, quiet, but very high demands — to ourselves and to others. This generally individualists — explicit, exposed, inclined to do as they like. They are easily adaptable to all, flexible and do not suffer from a lack of imagination. Powerful and creative personality. However, the desire to be independent can sometimes turn into a weakness.

4 GROUP (AB). Most often, these people are guided in life emotions and feelings, which take precedence over common sense and calculation that. Calm and balanced. Usually they love to friends and acquaintances. They know how to entertain, considerate and fair to others. But sometimes there are sharp. In addition, the hard decisions. They are thinkers. Most conflict with themselves.

— All this is true, but I would also add that people with first blood useful physical labor. And, imagine, they are not harmful to alcohol! Those with the second group, carry hard liquor. And another addition. Of course, in our difficult time theme food — difficult, however, remember: people with first blood more suitable beef and chicken, and the holders of the second group — pork. They are better able to absorb it. For the third group — lamb and rabbit.

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