BNF deprive the central farm

Press service of the BPF calls for: "Defend Liberty Island in the center of Minsk"

During the Christmas holidays at the office BPF delivered a letter from ZHREO Soviet district of Minsk. It is reported that the BPF and the NGO "Belarusian Popular Front Revival" must vacate the premises at the end of the lease term. New leases will not be covered. The formal reason for the name of what supposedly for 3 months in 2010 debts incurred on payment of rent.

In ZHREO Soviet district of Minsk was informed that "the BPF advised of the loss of the right to immediate renegotiation of the lease office space," — said the agency "Interfax" Head of nonresidential ZHREO Lyudmila Shkut.

According to her, in making that decision ZHREO "guided by Article 569 of the Civil Code of Belarus. This article refers to the consequences of late payment of the rent." Shkut noted that "the facts of delayed payment for office BPF allowed in 2009 and in 2010x ".

According to the press service of the party, "These causes are completely far-fetched. Maximum delay in payment, which occurred over the last year, accounted for 3 days. Currently, there are no arrears. This is almost two years NGO "Belarusian Popular Front Revival" deprived of the opportunity, unlike many of the pro-government NGOs, use a reduction factor, and forced to pay rent at a very high commercial prices.

Justice BPF uniquely binds another attempt to deprive the organization and all the independent association office in the center of Minsk as the authorities' reaction to the wave of solidarity with the detainees and victims on December 19 and in the subsequent days of the citizens. As is known, the center for volunteers and independent initiatives of solidarity was the BPF office. It was here that he worked and continues to work center independent public initiative to help the victims, there are going to things that are generated rendition.

Justice BPF strongly protests against the illegal actions of the authorities. We believe the specified worksheet form of political pressure on the Belarusian Popular Front Party and all the independent Belarusian society. "

BPF Party calls upon all Belarusians who are the ideals of freedom and solidarity, raise your voice today and in defense of the office on Avenue Masherova, 8, to send letters to the head of the Minsk city executive Nicholas Ladutko.

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