Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids


In 1994, near the town of Visoko, 22 km. from Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the operations were conducted between the Serbs and the Bosnian
Muslims. During the shelling of the city residents and heard a strange rumble "vibration" that emanated from Mount Visocica, as if there was an emptiness inside her.

Century in Bosnia this mountain was shrouded in an aura of mystery and legends. Residents of Visoko for many generations used to decorate the facades of houses and fences neatly planed stones with strange patterns, which are found in the vicinity of the mountain.

But more than talk about the mysterious mountain and did not go until the summer of 2005. in Visoko not come Semir Osmanagich (Semir Osmanagic), an independent researcher, who has spent 15 years studying the pyramids of Latin America. In August 2005, after taking the first ground fur Osmanagich made a daring assumption that Mount Visocica is nothing like a huge pyramid with a height of 220 meters!

Pyramids in Bosnia — 2006: Results of the first year of excavation

Large-scale research and excavations in Visoko (Visoko) began April 14, 2006., When dozens of volunteers began the excavation on Mount Visocica at several points. After a few days under a meter of land was discovered huge man-made stone blocks stacked together. Sensation followed one after the other. On the stone slab steel stumble on all sides Visocica. Aerial view of the evidence of the "geophysical anomalies": two sides of the mountains were absolutely straight and form equal angles. Photos from satellites and helicopters added new arguments for the existence of the highest and the first pyramid in Europe.



Mount Visocica became known as the pyramid of the sun, in the manner of the Mexican pyramids, with which it has much in common because of the truncated top.

Some archaeologists of Europe is very skeptical about the excavations and the idea of a pyramid in Bosnia, none of them bothered to visit the temple. But every day at Osmanazhicha supporters became more and more. Two well-known scientists from Egypt, a geologist and archaeologist Barakat El Hadidi acknowledged that the blocks of stone, which is lined with all the Pyramid of the Sun is very ancient and most importantly — an artificial origin. With a length of 2 to 3 meters of blocks are concrete, the mix of which is significantly different from the present. The version of the concrete have confirmed a number of institutions of Bosnia, including the Construction Institute in Sarajevo. Institute of Geodesy Bosnia made a sensational statement that all four sides of the pyramid are oriented to the cardinal points, and the northern directed to the North Star. It is known that the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico are also oriented.


Further research using radar and thermal technologies photographs revealed the new "geologically anomalous zones" in the border town of Visoko. They were the three pyramid-shaped hill, where in the early days of excavation, were found stone blocks of artificial origin.

Thus, in May 2006, the world became aware of the opening of the new pyramid: the Moon, Dragon and Love (very romantic names) as well as the fact that they do not fit our understanding of the pyramids known as the hills are of natural origin, which ancient architects have given a pyramidal shape, walls lined with man-made panels and numerous terraces.


On the plateau around the Pyramid of the Moon exactly lined with the same stone slabs that look just like modern urban paving.

Another big controversy erupted about the age of the pyramids and their builders. Semir Osmanazhich, a staunch supporter of alternative history, from the early days of the age of the pyramids excavation estimated at 10-12 thousand years, but the most galling for archeology was his official statement about the builders of prehistoric statues — Atlanteans or Hyperboreans, whose existence Osmanazhich doubts.

To the surprise of skeptics, scientists have established, taking into account the local climate, soil at the age of 8-12 thousand years, which covered all the pyramids, where 1 cm of the soil was formed for every 200 years, reaching from 40 cm to 1.5 meters today. But few have learned from laboratory studies that showed a number of millennia, that the pyramids are in a state of neglect, while the date of the erection could be much earlier 10 thousand years BC!

Another proof is excavation on the sides of the joints of the pyramids, which showed the presence of smooth angles, the so-called "edge" that could not have formed in situ, by geological, also on 3 sites at once.

By the fall produced a draft full of clearing one side of the pyramid of the sun, and the two "ribs", which is supposed to run to the end of 2008 may seem like a very long time, but only to clear one side of the pyramid need to withdraw thousands of tons of soil, the work of hundreds of volunteers and enormous amounts of money. As you can see in the photos, pyramid overgrown with trees and grass, making it difficult to conduct operations. Carts laden with soil volunteers descend to the bottom of a large slope, heavy machinery for excavation does not apply, for obvious reasons.

With the onset of cold weather in 2006. excavation stopped until the spring of 2007, but clearing the tunnel, opened in May, did not stop in the winter. The entrances to the tunnels discovered a few kilometers from the Pyramids and immediately made sure that all of them are under their foundation. The height of the tunnel as a man and as you get closer to the pyramids of their walls are becoming more sleek look, while the bottom shows through well-preserved stonework.

In June, the tunnel was found a large smooth stone with inscriptions resembling runic symbols and contemporary letters E and Y. But the most inexplicable is the absence of dead animals and insects in the tunnel: the logic in the remaining voids might dwell rodents, bugs, etc., earthy rock had to leave their footprints, but those are not found. After an appeal to the archives and military agencies skeptics assumptions about the construction of tunnels in the Middle Ages or in the war of 1992-1995. disappeared, as there is no historical mention of them in the archives, the military also rejected the hypothesis of their communion. Not confirmed rumors about the construction of tunnels NATO militaries. Tunnels can lead to interior rooms (halls) of the pyramids.

In one year, a small, provincial town of Visoko visited 250 thousand tourists from around the world. Archaeologists, geologists, independent scientists and researchers from Austria, Egypt, Turkey, Serbia, Italy, USA, England, Germany, France, Jordan, Syria, arrived in Visoko to support Osmanazhicha and his sensational discovery, refute it, or even slander . The global scientific community has split into two camps, those who recognize the existence of pyramids in Bosnia and those who do not. Every month, the last is getting smaller.

From Vladivostok to Bosnia more than 13 thousand km. and, apparently, we do not communicate, if not a mountain Pidan, which, like the pyramids in Visoko is located on one 43 degrees north latitude, which confirms the theory of the relationship megalithic sites around the world.

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