Bravo concept car was presented in Detroit

U.S. Army Base DETROIT ARSENAL, Warren, Michigan (April 26, 2012) — This week army presented its own latest concept car, designed not only to make significantly better fuel economy, but also be able to generate and provide electricity formidable fighter in places such as Afghanistan.

(Taking into account the level of crime in Detroit, this armored vehicle on the streets of Detroit looks very natural. Approx. Doctors)

After the festive opening of the laboratory-based instruments sverhtehnologichny DETROIT ARSENAL last week, the public was presented economical car Technology Demonstrator (version Bravo or FED-Fuel Efficient Demonstrator Bravo). This presentation was held on April 24-26 at the Global Congress of the Society of Engineers Auto Industry in 2012 (Society of Automotive Engineers 2012 World Congress). Conceptual version of Alpha economical car was unveiled to the public last fall, but she did not have the ability to supply power to external customers as a version of Bravo.

According to the statements of officials connected with economical vehicle technology demonstrator to the network, it is able to provide electricity for advanced operating bases and other military outposts are not huge, which greatly reduces the necessary power bases and helps the men to be more effective.

According to the Society of auto industry, the Army has worked with students at the Detroit Institute for the development of the concept car of the joint programs from the Institute for the Creative Schooling (College for Creative Studies — CCS). This program is a successful and highly evaluated by the triple auto giants Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. So makarom economical car Bravo demonstrator technology was developed by a group of 18 students on the technical task of the army and is certain to please the needs of the army in fuel economy, performance characteristics, protection, payload and interior layout.

Economical car demonstrator-Bravo technology was funded by the Ministry of Defence and participated in its design engineers of the Research center in the town of armored Warren, Mich., and their industrial partners World Technical Services Inc.

Research Armoured center TARDEC was extensively presented at auto show World Congress. In addition to presenting the tribunal of public demonstrator Bravo this year, he also showed a small system TM3 Microgrid, which will be able to supply electricity from the vehicle.

Demonstrator Bravo is based on the Ford sports car with a 4.4-liter turbo-diesel V8 engine capable of producing 268 hp Other properties include the subsequent:

• Road-related parallel hybrid system actuator. The front axle is driven by an electronic engine, while the rear wheels are connected to the fuel and hybrid electronic system.

• Integrated starter-generator, which turns off the engine when stationary and starts it when the driver presses the accelerator, which improves fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions.

• six-speed automatic transmission coupled with an advanced lithium-ion BATTERY with the highest energy and power density.

• Powerful hydraulic anti-lock brakes, coupled with a steering system with hydraulic amplification.

• A clay disc brakes with advanced coating for improved wear resistance.

• Tubular frame chassis for greater rigidity with the least weight in combination with an armored cab and V-shaped hull to protect against explosions.

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