Brigade Commander suspended hassle fighter — Russian and Dagestani only machine gun

The brigade commander stopped the fight soldier - Russian and Dagestani a machine gun

In the military unit near Moscow left total carnage on the state soil

This week in the web of the sensational movie: on the tremendous parade ground convergent "wall to wall" tremendous weight fighter. And they clobber each other angrily. This recollection that Nikita Mikhalkov rehearses with actors volunteer another scene of fisticuffs (like the one he took in "The Barber of Siberia"). But it is clearly seen that hassle cine is not: on the asphalt fall slain mordoboytsy. The man who shot the footage (most likely on the phone), sadly concludes:

— All magnus … ts! Dougie overpowered …

I called the management of the Ministry of Defense disk imaging. For the second time gives me the phone on duty officer of Media Relations. Chew it in detail the reason for my appeal. It is with great enthusiasm malosveduschego person listens to me, and then recommends vyalenko write a query to the ministry. But I stubbornly ask him "at least a couple of words," commented the incident. Answer: "I can not say anything on the merits." After that, the district had to operate ways — to find "unofficial" informants. Here is the story of the 1st of them:

"For day up to this fight were small clashes and Dagestan Russian spies, conscripts at a local club. Then both are "scored an arrow" on the subsequent day on the parade ground, at 8 pm. But Dagi behaved unfairly: they attacked a large mass for six more days of scouts. And ran. Scouts saw that "our beating" — who had, he ran to the rescue. Yet dagov was more, and they, of course, kneaded our guys. Then on the ground left the brigade commander and put all of the "Kalash". That's all it is completed. Result: 10 people to the hospital, a Dagestani sent to the brig. Then within a week or two, and Russian and Caucasians chased by forced marches and otherwise punished. At this point in Kantemirovsky Division (that's An old title compound near Naro-Fominsk, it is converted into two teams. — Ed.) Are going to set up a separate company of guys with sports categories that will be something to keep under control the hot southern …

The brigade commander stopped the fight soldier - Russian and Dagestani a machine gun

Interestingly, the state of emergency had happened a few weeks back, but the Defense Ministry is silent about it, as if the acid in the mouth gained. It turns out that all the commanders and chiefs of the Ministry of Defense, the military and the Metropolitan Area (CVM), of which comes team, where the state of emergency had happened, strictly ordered to keep his mouth shut. They have given more than frankly realize that spill the beans — do not get bonuses for the month and year. Who then is to wash dirty linen in public?

"Dagestan terror" has long become commonplace in almost all parts of the Russian army. Our newspaper has already talked about similar cases in the mechanized infantry brigade of the Moscow Military District, in the Far East, in the Altai region, the Baltic Fleet. In this case, it is usually happened and is happening in the parts where the army admitted the huge concentration of Dagestan during a conscript. Such distortions in the acquisition units have already led to the fact that in some shelves Dagestani "take power" in their hands, ignoring even the officers.

Of course, the problem is not only in the fact, that a moderately disperse soldiers Caucasians majestically across the expanses of Russia, not allowing them to cobble together under the roof of the barracks in a dictatorial "pack". Then, of course, necessary and strong advocacy, educational, mental, and even authorized, if you wish, "repressive" moves within the law. But it looks like a very busy endless reforms until the generals earlier. That has to pacify the bullies and "terrorists" machine-firing over the heads of …

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