British minister warned about UFOs


The former head of the British armed forces reported to the minister of national defense, that reports of UFO sightings in the English county of Suffolk in 1980 — the so-called "British Rozuelsky incident" — may result in a serious political scandal. This is evidenced just released archival documents.

In 1985, Lord Hill-Norton, who led at the time of the British General Staff, sent a letter to the head of the country's defense minister Michael Heseltine about the "rendlshemskogo incident." Then serve the U.S. Air Force, stationed in Suffolk, reported seeing a strange glow.

Chief of Staff suggested that Britain's airspace without permission entered a flying object.

This case — one of the ones that were made public as part of the disclosure of British archives relating to UFOs.

"A mysterious and disturbing"

"Rendlshemsky incident" began with the fact that members of the U.S. air base "Woodbridge" reported that observed a strange glow.

Witnesses said that the UFO emitted a pulsating glow blue, from which the animals at the nearby farms began to behave extremely restless.

In 2003, it became clear that "rendlshemsky incident" has a very simple explanation: the security officer of the U.S. base said that it was he was flashing a spotlight patrol car with one of his colleagues to have fun during the service. The spotlight they were sent through the branches of trees, at the same time using a megaphone to create unusual noise.

However, in 1985, Lord Hill-Norton wrote a letter to the Minister of National Defense Heseltine, to express their concern about this strange incident.

Chief of Staff, wrote that strongly disagree with the official position of the Ministry of Defence that the story "is not of interest from the point of view of the defense." "A mysterious and disturbing incident and have not found a satisfactory explanation from your agency," — Admiral insisted.

Willy-nilly had to admit one of the two, concludes Hill-Norton, either in the airspace of the United Kingdom "with impunity" entered the unknown aircraft, or "a significant number of employees the U.S. Air Force, stationed at an air base in Britain, there are serious problems with the adequate assessment of reality" .

"It seems that the incident was hushed up carefully, and it seems to me, a serious political scandal is brewing" — warned the head of the General Staff.

Declassified archives

His letter, as well as other relevant documents to the incident were posted on the website of British National Archives as part of a three-year program for the wraps off of archival materials relating to UFOs.

Among other documents, also posted recently on the website:

The story of two men from the county of Staffordshire, who told police in 1995, when they returned home, they wanted to take the alien, leaning out of a hung over them flying saucer.
Evidence of more than 30 witnesses, six hours watching a bright glow in the sky over central England. On this occasion, the deputy commander of the armed forces even had to make an emergency press conference at which it was found out that the cause of the glow — a Russian rocket, returning to Earth and a member of the atmosphere.
The story of UFO sightings over the stage music festival Glastonbury in June 1994. Two noticed the "plate" of the woman standing next turned to the people, to make sure that not wrong, but their neighbors' enough gazing or did not take the matter seriously. "
In addition, it was found that the number of UFO reports jumped from 117 in 1995 to 609 at once in 1996, when the screens released film about an alien invasion of "Independence Day" with Will Smith in the title role, and the TV series "The X-Files" in the UK reached the peak of its popularity.

Met expectations

UFO expert and journalism lecturer at Sheffield University, Dr. David Clark says more about the UFO wrote only in 1978, when rolling out the film by Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" — then came 750 publications.

"Of course, movies and TV shows evoke interest in UFOs, and very fun to watch, as it leads to the fact that more people are reporting their observations," — says Clark.

"In the 1950s and 1960s, we were told of circular UFO with flashing strips along the sides — so look UFOs in movies of the time — and the aliens flew from Venus and Mars. Then fly from there they stopped when we found out that these planets are uninhabited, "- says the doctor.

"And since the mid-1980s, people began to report triangular UFO — the era of American stealth aircraft, the so-called" stealth. "In my opinion, it is quite clearly shows that people see what they expect to see" — sums up the expert.


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