British woman gave birth to twins with different skin color

Woman became locally known for their newborn children: a boy born blacks, as a mother, and the girl — fair, as a dad.
21-year-old Briton Shirley Wales gave birth to twins with different skin colors — son Leo was born blacks, and daughter Hope — white, writes Daily Mail.

Young mother was puzzled when the midwife showed her first baby, born by Caesarean section.

Little Leo, who succeeded her mother, a native of Grenada, have dark skin, brown eyes and thick hair. His sister has inherited his dad's appearance, his fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair.

"During pregnancy, I was joking about the fact that children will be black and white, I even said to the other, if one is black and the other white, I'll call them Ebony (« ebony »- ebony) and Ivory (« ivory » — ivory). When they were born, and so I realized that it would be cruel to call them so, "- said Wales.

"The first few days I had about a hundred visitors, because people did not believe me until they saw the kids with their own eyes" — happy young mother.

Shirley will bring the twins herself, because her husband divorced. "They — my little miracle … They are so different, they are completely separate worlds," — she is happy.

"I call them Leo Lion and Happy Hope, Leo gets angry if he does not pay attention, because his sister, seems to attract a lot more people's attention, while Hope all smiles all the time" — the woman.

"Two different eggs were fertilized by two different sperm. Genes that determine skin color will be different, as a result of a combination, "- explained this amazing event speaker Fund Multiple Births.

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