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In this article you will learn about a simple business idea, which will require a little time and patience. This idea is to build your business in the paintings of dried flowers and plants. These "works of art" are a kind of unique.

Have you ever seen a picture in the sale of dried flowers? Probably not. This is not strange. This kind of business is almost not developed in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

How is this kind of looks like art from dried flowers and plants? It is a composition made of dried flowers and plants, which is enclosed in a frame. You will be able to earn some extra money, and this will be closely linked and art. Paintings of dried flowers collected independently and they are all unique. The two are the same, can not be done. Stands this product highly enough. Starting price ranges from 1,500 rubles and up. It all depends on the size and quality of manufacture.

This type of business requires little investment. You will need to pre-purchase the various formats that are available at any stationery department. The very same material for paintings — flowers and plants can be found on every corner.

If you are looking for a profitable business without spending much at the beginning — that is exactly what you need. The main task is the correct assembly of the picture and right to dry plants. You can take any picture with flowers and looking at it, do your song, that is, making a transformation in its image drawing a real copy. As well, you can make your own sketch of the future picture, and it will do the assembly exposure. It all depends on your level of training. The basic material for the bonding of colors is PVA glue. Believe me, every next product will "give" you a much easier and simpler. In this case, you will get great pleasure from the process of assembly.

Picture of dried flowers and plants, is a very good gift for any occasion, be it a friend's birthday, wedding anniversary or New Year. Unlike green plants, it will be stored for many years and bring great joy to their owners and pleasant memory. Initially, buyers of your pictures can be your relatives, friends and acquaintances. Next, the circle of buyers will be extended by the "word of mouth". Gift shops and exclusive things will eagerly buy your product, the main thing is not reduced his price. Know his worth.

In our time, really good and promising home business ideas, it is quite rare "material." Of course, there are a great number of different proposals, but that's to choose those that will bring good beginning businessman Denig, this is the lot a few. But, more importantly, though, patience and willingness to work. Good luck in your business.

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