Business plan for a beauty salon

Business plan for a beauty salonStarting your own business, a beauty salon for today is the prestigious and fashionable area. Most salon owners are women who helped in starting a business or wealthy husbands parents. Such business projects offer a lot, but a lot of them and closed after a while.

Your business to become successful, it is necessary to make a competent business plan, having considered all the risks and the costs. Develop a business plan for a beauty salon can be ordered from a specialist company, free online, or develop it yourself with the help of experienced professionals.

Business plan for a beauty salon should be taking into account all the factors that influence the success of the business. Carefully developed business plan will help you open the stable, lucrative and profitable business.

Begin to develop a plan with an analysis of the services you are going to provide to customers, as well as with the competitors, who are working in your area.

Beauty salons are divided into several categories, depending on the availability of the target audience:

— elites — the salons;

— VIP — salons;

— economy — class;

— Casual-salons.

Project category is selected depending on the size of the initial capital, the demand for this type of service and competition. For example, if in a large city, there are categories of stores, but no VIP — class, then it would be logical to open it.

Beauty is better to open a business, buying a room on the first floor of an apartment building. True, it must be translated into non-residential fund. Of course, you can rent a room, but it is only in exceptional cases. Floor area depending on the services you plan to provide to their customers. The area of all buildings should be agreed with the norms of SES, it is desirable that the total area of the cabin was a hundred meters

Business plan for a beauty salon recommended to hire staff based on the level of the planned services. Masters in Business salons operate in shifts, every other day. Be recruited, two hairdressers, two professional pedicure and manicure, two therapists, two beauticians, administrator, accountant and manager.

Costs of opening a project in a room of 200 square meters:

— design — from 10 thousand dollars;

— repair of facilities — 60 000;

— purchase of equipment, furniture and software — 80 000;

— purchase supplies — $ 5 000;

— salon advertising — 10 thousand dollars;

— other expenses — 20 000 dollars.

Of course, the amount of the costs are approximate and depend on many factors. The calculations are to be placed in the ownership of the project owner. Payback period of one and a half to two years.

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