Can I use magic to get — ask for?

"Can we get through the magic of a wish?" — Ask those who are more or less familiar with the concept of magic themselves, those who are studying this or that technology, descriptions of magical rites aims and question its achievement.

This question was put and those who question not only in the concept of "magic", but all that does not "feel" is not clear, do not realize they have personally. You can call them skeptics, or faith, can not believed. But all of them, and no faith, and doubt, and fear they will be right.

In what? — You might ask. Yes, in fact, that the magic has not, and has never had anything to do with the question of faith as to the category of public worship of people management, and the category of personal perception of the world.

The fact that for a long time, magic and faith (religion, belief, etc.) went hand in hand with the magic, in any case, does not make them a single entity, an inseparable, which must be applied to these general trends assessment category.

"Magic (Latin Magia) — rites, rituals associated with the intended person's ability to supernaturally influence the world: the phenomena of nature, events, people, animals and objects, ghosts, and so on" — so we can read in " Wikipedia ", in order to get a definition, the original wording of which to start his argument.

"Alleged human ability supernatural means to influence the world" — this is the key phrase, which can put a lot of doubt on the balance of arguments. But let's look a little more detail on each of these phrases:

— "Anticipates" — that is possible, but not necessarily admissible value that it may be available, and absent a specific person.

Hard to argue, and most importantly does not make sense, since the very magic long ago answered the question in the form of clear and precise definitions. Magician, that is the person who can influence the world around (and it is, as you know, are all, without exception, to a greater or lesser extent) may be a person with certain characteristics, according to the possible "profession."

But is the profession itself does not imply that the people on this job should have the skills, knowledge, abilities, and other components of the profession.

A man can be a doctor, do not get an education? — Hardly. But not only does he not become a doctor, having no desire or, in other cases, the relevant prerequisites for development.

In the end, as necessary components of "magician" get — the makings of (talent, gift, disposition) and skills (knowledge, experience, ability).

— "Ability" — that is, the presence of something in the man, which allows him to make the target. With this, as you know, already understood by examining the previous word, referring to the skills to use the available opportunities.

— "Supernatural way" — that is the way that is not natural for a given level of social development.

By "social development" implies that society is at its base and at its fundamental best practices, has no clear and a clear view of where "it" is taken "as" works, and "how" impact on what is happening.

But the answers to these questions are not available to mankind only because the familiar and orthodox science, in terms familiar to us schemes simply not reached, did not develop until an evidence of understanding. And convincingly in the context of the familiar fact that can be proved by previous and following.

But on the other hand, if we have something we can not "touch" here and now, does that is something no longer exists? Is it ours, is far from complete and comprehensive knowledge of the sun, or the person does not allow the use of those opportunities, the forces that are contained in them?

It turns out that the supernatural (abnormal), and not a study — only indicate that most do not know what is really in question, not that it actually is not.

I hope you're not too tired of explaining the word "magic" as the answer to the main question of article — "Can I get through the magic of a wish?" Still has not found the answer.

So. Since the question — part of the answer, our attention to every word is justified. And in this part of our conversation, I would like to draw your attention to the word "desirable."

Desired (desire, longing, "I want") — intrinsic motivation people achieve something or get something that, according to the person must satisfy this desire.

How thirsty — thirsty, drink, "calm down" or satisfied.

But if in the context of the natural needs of the body is simple and banal, in the context of the aspirations of the soul desires of categories to meet the vital functions of the body, all the more complicated.

More difficult because every human "want" can cause a lot of arguments, when he does not need. Indeed, if you want beautiful pants, so why do you, if you can, and ugly, but you can do without, in some cases.

But dispel this approach — give up and be free, allows a person to deal with his nature? I see that there is.

This is important for the person or not important? Whether or not to? — It's up to the man himself, because he "wants to drink" because it tends to get something.
Here, when the desired area overlaps with the area of magic, the question arises, can a person get it?

The magic answers — may, if a man's desire matches its capabilities. And, if exaggerated, wanted product (that word is hiding any definition) — you should be able to retrieve it.
Opportunity — is the presence of all the components that implement the human desire. And space and time, and personal preparedness as an integral part of implementation.
And how often do we think as we get it, striving for? Or, and we got what we wanted? Hardly. More often, in most cases, we are happy, have fun, enjoy, under the impression received. But ask questions like, what and why in our society is not accepted, because all the answers are found in the "supernatural", that is to say in the field of magic.

Magic, which studies the mechanisms of centuries of cause and effect, which is looking for a reason, and delves into the nature of any process that works with the forces of nature, trying to harmoniously and efficiently interact with them.
So can we get through the magic of a wish? — Yes, under certain conditions. Circumstances where a person has in stock all that "give" it to him.

And the magicians, by their nature, operates in man and his environment, just those bits of the factors that create, produce or form realization of human aspirations.

No wonder, not heresy, not a fantasy — just a calm and thoughtful observance of certain principles, and laws of the world that achieve goals. Not suddenly, not overnight, and not "magic", but due to the implementation of mechanisms that exist in the universe.

Let me finish on this story, whether the desire to realize the magic man. A conversation about how, or by what principles this happens, we will continue in the near future.

Dmitry Nevsky

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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