Caution: dead maniacs!

Unknown species of evil spirit took a fancy house where Marina lives with her family, and since then almost every day use its walls and ceiling … as a toilet. Location — a house with a bunch of salt on the fence. It is located in the village of Il'sky, which is 40 km from Krasnodar. Little house with the most common form. Why is hanging on the fence salt?

— They say it wards off evil spirits — says Marina.

Residents: Normal family of four: Alex and Marina (wife), Xenia (10-year-old daughter, Marina, from his first marriage) and Natalia (mother Marina).

As a cat hurt

This hell began in January 2004.

Marina came home from work, had dinner and settled in front of the TV. And then it smelled vile smell public toilet. She looked askance at the cat, climbed under the sofa, but a handful of characteristic not found. Then for no apparent reason was stink double bed. Trace — the kitchen. However, this time it was all clear. Some people have, get under the table, excuse the pun, was the chair. And the liquid. Obgazhennymi were only the side panels of the table on the floor did not get a drop. Marina gasped, pierced improbable conjecture. It is, likewise obgazheny and carpets were hanging over the sofa and bed! Just rugs were complex flavor, and detect patterns in specks of feces could only properly looked closer. "Ah yes, a cat, well, tightrope walker" — amazed at the Marina beast and sent into exile on a farm.

As it turned out, in vain. The next morning, under the table again, someone shat. Since then stools appear constantly — inexplicably, for no reason, and in the most unlikely places.

The hosts tried to find an explanation. But outside in the street just does not go down, and someone from the home to such vouchsafed, and say nothing! Recalled Murenko … Before going into exile, the cat hissed at the corners.

— A sure sign of evil spirits, — stated Natalia. — Not another ghost we got.

Dirty history

Invisibility staged a toilet in her house, it is called Marina.

— Here It did this a few times — shows Natasha otdraennoe "to meat" place on the wallpaper — and once was obgazhennoy headboard — were the streaks, as if a candle guttered … It once relieve themselves behind the cupboard. Mezzanine had to wash a few times … And often it does it in the kitchen.

— I think It lives here, — said Natasha whispers and nods under the table.

Lying under the kitchen table soapbox — as it turned out, it was there on purpose.

— Once potter with dinner, and suddenly that-and stink-o! I am in the corners — nothing! And then I look at my shit smeared on the hem … This is it, when I turned, the stove obgadili, and I have not noticed and wiped … And once we came to visit. Just dress up and nakrasili — in the kitchen fresh batch! It makes it special, out of spite. I was angry, shouting: "Damn! How much can you to shit and stink! My ass, at least! "Since then, it always drags soap …

Natalia N. scraped together a fresh batch of feces from the wall and carried it to the clinic. She told it like it is, asked for a review.

— Climbs with nonsense — medichka protested, but still looked in boxes — I'll tell you, without analysis, that is human … and even with the worms …

Father also did not believe in the invisible. But come pokadil, baptized … A pernicious It provoke forest, and acts of defecation frequency loaded with machine gun attack. It does sometimes breaks — for three days a week. Once it rests for three weeks.

— Rumors now crawling — sadly sighs Natasha. — People laugh, but I'm just afraid. I do not know what it is, where it came from, and what can …

A similar case

— I'm pretty sure that a phenomenon faced by Marina and her family — it's a poltergeist! — Said Igor Vinokurov, Moscow parapsychologist with 20 years of experience. A biologist by training, Igor dedicated research phenomenal 10 of his books and collected a huge archive, which stores and supplies about a similar event that happened 58 years ago …

German refugee family sreya settled in the Bavarian village Lauter. Childless couple adopted two orphan girls. At first all went well, but then the oldest of them, Edith began to roll wild scandals, occasionally lapsing into a trance. And in the house began to appear incredibly large piles of feces and puddles of urine. The frightened wife guarded nervous girl. But, to his horror, found that stinking heap appear without her! Then she began to fall into lethargic dreams Irma, the youngest of the girls, and the house began to doomsday.

Utensils broken into pieces, from closed closets flying tomatoes and typewriter itself scribbling obscene messages. Then something began to attack the girls. Long braids, othvachennye invisible scissors, fell to the ground, their heads appeared wounds Irma even had to go to hospital. Doctors listened to the story of the wild and sent to Hans sisters sreya Bender, a professor of the University of Freiburg, was engaged in "strange cases." Bender was unable to help the girls. Said only that ugliness will stop when they reach sexual maturity. And just when Edith was 16, it passed.

Caution: dead maniacs!

German Professor Bender believed that poltergeist — is a thinking being. And it turned into the souls of people who died prematurely. Dobryachki not harmless, and maniacs, rapists and violent crazy … Sudden death has not given them expend their aggressive energy in life and after death, they suffer from an overabundance of it. Energy rushing out, hold the world's people. Life is so restless souls (so to speak) of unsweetened. They eke out their miserable existence on the principle of quarreling, pokurazhitsya — and relieved. In this poltergeist is usually tied to a single person (focus). They can become an adult, but as a rule, more often in the role of focal points are the teenagers 11-16 years, and more girls.

From my experience Bender brought home rule: poltergeist never stick to the happy people. And stick to those who are constantly depressed or irritable: the spirit is fed by negative emotions. Fortunately, poltergeists can not always run amok, it stops when the person to whom he attached himself, outliving your problem.

— Universal methods of restraint poltergeist not — says Igor Vinokurov parapsychologist — so I can not give the most general advice. First of all, we should analyze the situation at home and try to figure out who is the focus of the household poltergeist? Realize what he needs to be happy — rather get rid of the scourge … You can once again dedicated the house — the church hundreds of years of banishment of evil spirits, so no harm. But what can not be done, so it is to abuse the spirit (his angry) and discuss with him other abnormal incident, especially the more difficult and dangerous — cases of spontaneous combustion and so on. Otherwise your poltergeist sobezyannichaet, and you get at home a more complete set of "Art."

Real horror

When the husband goes into the night, Marina can not sleep until I make sure that her feet are covered properly. It is no longer a child, she's 30 years old, but she would not go to sleep, if sticking out of bed at least the edge of the foot. She was afraid to horror. This, of course, can not be, but … suddenly emerges from under the bed cold hand and grabbed the ankle?

Expert opinion.

For the past six years working in Moscow office "first aid" for poltergeists. Organized its Andrew Lee, a psychiatrist, MD and PhD in Technical.
— Poltergeist — it is not rowdy ghost who decides to frolic, — he says. — Poltergeist — is the man himself — or rather, it is an uncontrolled telekinesis and telepathy — supernatural powers, which he owns, he did not know about that. And when the house where he lives a man spontaneously flammable walls, "dancing" furniture and a flying saucer — which means that it is bad, hurt, hurt, or angry, he humbled …

Soothe a poltergeist, according to Andrew Lee, is quite simple. You need to tell the person about his abilities! And then he learned to manage them, be able to apply your gift for good. For example, to engage in healing.

According to statistics from applications to the "fast" Andrew Lee, real poltergeists — only four percent. The other cases prove to suspiciousness citizens who take a poltergeist noise in the sewers, cunning diversions (eg, a ghost can dress up the "good" neighbors, that you survive).

— And your story is from the category of the most severe cases. Poltergeist is not as unhealthy manifestation of negative mental emotion. I came across a similar case …

Feature of the method the team Andrew Lee is the use of hidden cameras. One of them captured the angelic boy's disgusting occupation. The parents refused to believe their eyes. However, they had to accept the fact that heaps feces in their apartment does not appear by themselves.

— I am sure that in your case the author disgraceful acts 10 year old girl. Perhaps it acts unconsciously. In this state, the children are very sophisticated and inventive, and feces appear in the most unlikely and remote places — so no one knew who did it. And all because the child is experiencing the deepest trauma. To talk about the trouble he for some reason can not. Perhaps afraid that the adults did not understand — or punish laughed at. And so the child expresses his protest against something or someone so allusive way. I recommend that parents contact Susie to a good child psychologist, and as soon as possible.

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