Earth — a living entity, with its own creative evolution and its methods will achieve this goal. If we take a look at nature, we find in it design and innovation — as an architect and inventor. What is the purpose of all this effort? Earth — the only planet in the solar system that has a matrix of life. What is the maximum capacity for a living? In the true will of the earth to find answers to this question and bring the results to other laboratories of life in the universe.

Whether we believe in the fact that the Earth is alive? If so, is it good? Lions and tigers and bears … do we really want to have new species? People have chosen the path of domination and control of all other types of … What if the Earth does not want to be under control and does not give preference to the human race over the other species? To some, this is scary. Others are afraid of life itself. What if the Earth experiment in the laboratory of life has not ended?

The truth — the basis and / or a condition for dialogue. Do you trust the earth's foundation? If yes, then you can learn the art of listening to the Earth. The Earth no fears or secrets. Yet the mystery of life is … Listen to the Earth world and reveals the secrets of life. Trust the world. Harmonizes its individual purpose with the will of the Earth. When trust is mutual, your communication is revealed in all its fullness — Way Opener removes all obstacles between the present situation and the Holy Grail. Find the Holy Grail and you will understand the purpose of the Earth.

As Earth bring their message to other species? When we study the structure of the world as a living organism, we know what and when to listen. To transmit information requires energy. The highest concentration of energy, encoded information that is emitted from the great earth chakras.

What is the chakra of the Earth?

Geography studies the continents, oceans, mountains and rivers of the world. Geology studies the deposits of various breeds that make up the skeleton of the Earth. These sciences are the most tangible aspects of the planetary body. The study of the Earth's chakras more like acupuncture — we explore the most subtle energy patterns of the planet.

Chakras of the Earth — parts of the body needed to maintain the health of the world, they are important for all living things that depend on the habitat. Each chakra has two functions: 1. Maintain health and obscheglobalnoe 2. Transmit and receive energy, carrying coded information.

On every continent except Antarctica, is one great chakra Earth. (Antarctica also has tonkoenergeticheskie vital organs). In the center of each chakra are the main sacred space. From this center chakra expands outward in a circle having a radius of hundreds of miles. If the chakra of the planet is in a state of optimal health, this radius in most cases, is about 777 miles. All the chakras — the living bodies which expand and contract depending on the complex conditions that have them influence.

Each chakra is also the depth and height. The general form of each chakra is spherical, it resembles a flying saucer with a maximum circumference of which is located on the surface of the Earth chakra has a vertical extension to the atmosphere and underground, connecting with the deepest structures of the planet. The transfer of energy chakras also takes the form of a sphere or a flying saucer, and these energy penetrate the soil, air and water space.

Sacred space in the heart chakra to define the purpose of this planetary body. Myths, legends and archetypal symbols, traditional for this particular place, highlight the function of each chakra of the planet. Chakra — a dynamic vortex of subtle energies. In some situations, these energies can be rotated and twisted in a spiral clockwise and counter-clockwise. Sometimes the power of the chakra of the Earth can be directed in a straight line on the so-called dragon paths, ley lines or audio lines. These connecting paths are similar to the nervous, circulatory, or acupuncture meridian system. All chakras are connected to the Earth the great ley arteries.

Land can not be understood apart from the solar system. In particular, it plays a big role lunar and solar rhythms, as well as the various movements of the Earth. All of these effects have a significant impact on the earth chakra. Therefore, the chakras need to interact in certain periods of time. Chakra of the planet is also experiencing the impact of the forces of four elements — fire, air, water and land. All these chakras have their horizontal dimension, combined with the surface of the earth, and here they are in direct contact with the sun, moon and water. It must be remembered — intercontinental interaction chakras — the basis of the quality of life on the planet.

At the heart of each chakra is semichakrovy pattern, and each chakra has its geometric center. There are other power structures associated with the chakras.

First Chakra: Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta is located at the southern end of the Cascade Mountains, which stretch like a dragon, starting from northern California, passing through Oregon and Washington to the Canadian border. If Mount Shasta is the tail of the dragon, the Mount Rainer — dragon's mouth or on his head. The pulses emitted by Mount Shasta, and directed toward the mountains Rainer, led to the emergence of the phenomenon of UFOs in 1947 — as a reaction to the use of nuclear weapons a man at the end of World War II.

Mount Shasta — the basic chakra of the planet, the "foundation" of its power system. Hence released yet unformed precursors of biological life, which become part of the global circulation and development. The energy of Mount Shasta as the first chakra like a geyser — the strongest burst of life energy, or prana, which has no form or structure. Life stream Shasta takes a form only after it is transformed inside one of the other great chakras of the Earth: the second chakra, or one of the seven chakras.


Second Chakra: Lake Titicaca

On the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca Lake Titicaca is located a stone, which is the geometric center of the second chakra of the Earth. This is — the world center for the creation of new and significant vnutrividovovogo evolution. Lake Titicaca respective sexual and creative chakra in the body. Earth's second chakra governs all species, focusing on the positive mutations and evolutionary changes.

Lake Titicaca creates a truly new. Over eons of time, the new birth is always pointed toward the goal of life — there is always an ongoing life. Wisdom of the Earth in the Andean region are constantly looking for the answer to the question — how to connect with energy and structure to overcome the entropy — continually clarifying it for yourself.

Unformed life force Shasta Lake Titicaca passed through the great ley artery — the Feathered Serpent. This life-giving tellurgichesky flow goes around the entire planet, heading to his home in Mexico, El Tule. Rainbow Serpent intersects the Plumed Serpent on the Island of the Sun. These two gigantic ley arteries also intersect on the island of Bali in Indonesia.

The circumference of the second chakra on the map of the Earth includes many sacred places of the Andes mountains, including Machu Picchu, and tail.

Third Chakra: monolith Uluru and Kata Tjuta rock

These two twin sites are in the Northern Territory of Australia. They make up the chakra of the "solar plexus" of the planet. Monolith Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, is most known. This huge monolith of red — a symbol of Australia, together with the building of the Opera. Kata Tjuta (Mount Olga) also makes an indelible impression. This rock formation is made up of a large number of massive red stones.

Global function of this chakra — maintain vitality, the vitality of the Earth and all its species. In the future, if you will create art immortal health, wisdom, his creation will be obtained from the third chakra, located in central Australia. This wisdom applies to the world on the ley artery Rainbow Serpent.

Rainbow Serpent is a way of life, beginning at the bottom of the planet and come to the surface is in Uluru. Then this energy is transferred through the Kata Tjuta special sound lines originating from Uluru on the west side of the cave hare wallaby Mala Puta. Being in a natural temple Kata Tjuta, the universal life energy is formed in a variety of schemes, corresponding to numerous species of life on Earth. After the "packing" energy "solar plexus" in the Valley of the Winds, the Rainbow Serpent leaves this region by a huge stone in the shape of a heart Ngunngarra (fuchsia) and moved to Bali.

Energy of the second chakra of Lake Titicaca are sent to the third chakra — Ululu and Kata Tjuta — via the world ley artery, the Rainbow Serpent, which crosses the South Pacific, New Zealand goes under and leaves on the Australian continent in the peninsula Vilsons Promontory.

Fourth Chakra: Glastonbury and Shaftesbury


Glastonbury, Somerset and Shaftesbury, Dorset, determine the center of the planetary heart chakra. Grail of Immortality should be soaked in true Will to direct the life force of a maximum way. Glastonbury — home of the Holy Grail, and Shaftesbury — the location of the sacred Lance objectives. When the energy of the earth to Glastonbury together with the energies of Shaftesbury, ley artery Rainbow Serpent is able to deliver the immortal frequency Grail to all beings on the planet.

Rainbow Serpent is a great circle of Uluru to Bali to Mount Kailash and Sergiev Posad (Zagorsk, Moscow), in Denmark, and then comes to England. Crossing England, she goes through many sacred sites, which contribute to the world heart chakra. Among them — the Avebury stone circle and the Glastonbury Tor — the most important acupuncture points of the heart … the Grail, directed by the will of the Spirit of the Earth, has the power to dissolve all boundaries between nations. If the heart of the earth expands and takes its full circle, then around the world pain, suffering and physical death of the earth will be erased from memory and experience.

The most famous legend associated with Glastonbury, the story of Joseph Arifmeyskom, who, after the Ascension of Christ, moved the archetype of Eternal Life — Grail — from Jerusalem to Glastonbury. This ritual has created the basis for the permanent transfer of planetary mobile sixth chakra activation of the circle in the Age of Pisces, 2000 years ago, in the region of the Age of Aquarius, which is located in Western Europe. Currently the sixth chakra is associated with the planetary heart chakra.

To move the energy of the planetary solar plexus chakra in the fourth act of the mainstream Ululu-Kata Tyula to Bali and Mount Kailash (sixth chakra), followed by Sergey / Posad and Glastonbury-Shaftesbury. When Rainbow Serpent moves in the world, it accumulates and releases the information in different places. In particular, acts as a decoder Shaftesbury information brought by the Rainbow Serpent of Mount Kailash in Tibet.

It is also possible to move the life force from the third to the fourth chakra, the chakra in the other direction — from Uluru to Lake Titicaca, in the Azores in Cornwall, and then to Glastonbury-Shaftesbury. Simultaneous dual impulse in both directions completes the great planetary cycle in which part of the Earth Chakras — the second, third, fourth, sixth and seventh.

Fifth Chakra: The Great Pyramid, Mount Sinai and the Mount of Olives

The world "Throat" chakra, the output voice of the Earth, is unique compared with other planetary sacred centers. This chakra — the only one that is not on the ley lines of the Rainbow Serpent (feminine energy) or Plumed Serpent (masculine). Rotating, this chakra helps promote energy on the way the Rainbow Serpent, but from a distance. The scope of this chakra is the energy in the Middle East and part of another major structure of the Earth — the four energy Raven or rotating wheel that regulate quality across the four primary elements — fire, air, water and earth.

A person should learn the art of listening to the will of the Earth and respect the voice of her spirit. Without this, it is unlikely to harmonize itself with the goal of life. This is particularly relevant in the Middle East, where the planetary throat chakra. Imagine a Middle East where Jerusalem and Mecca, the keepers of the world heritage, open to all cultures — as the vanguard of the world, carrying the respect for all beings — in human and other forms — and stimulating the abundance of life. Imagine that from Egypt to Iran, the Middle East represents a cultural unity and the rest of the world is the art of the ongoing life forever!

The center of this chakra is determined by three sacred places. Mount Sinai, where Moses carrying the knowledge of Kabbalah out of Egypt, was a revelation. The Great Pyramid — one of the few artificial earth chakras. Combine your truth with the ultimate goal of the Earth and send this united force as the living word of the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid or the Pyramid of the highest point in the world. Mount of Olives, which overlooks the mystical Golden Gate — the center of three religions. Archetypal word Aquarian sent to all cultures from this mountain, opening the Golden Gate that all beings can enter into the fullness of life within a planetary New Jerusalem, which is the eternal home of all kinds of cultures and beliefs.

Sixth Chakra: Mobile Activation Center era

This planetary chakra, like all others, has a geometric center and an ideal extension of the circle. The difference is that this "third eye" is moved to 1/12 of his world the way to the west, at the dawn of each new era. Changing the great epochs of the earth's axis is determined by the shift. Every era has its own name, which is given by the signs of the zodiac. Now we enter the Age of Aquarius, and after the year 4000 will again shift the Earth's axis, and the earth will enter the era of Capricorn …

In due time the Spirit of the Earth will signal to all the forces to gather in the central geographic region for the inauguration of the new century. These forces begin to interact with each other, and the planetary sixth chakra starts to operate and expand. It stays in one place for 150 — 200 years, enough time to establish a new era of archetypes, and then disappears. Around two thousand years the planet again signaled the need for a shift, and this chakra moves 1/12 in the west.

The purpose of this functioning chakras — sort the collected wisdom of life on Earth for many centuries, and then use the fruits of wisdom to open new areas of planetary evolution. Each new era brings its own values. For example, compassion — was the buzzword of the previous epoch Pisces, and the key word is coming Aquarian physical immortality …

At present (1904 to 2084 years.) Sixth chakra is geographically linked to the planetary heart chakra, located in Western Europe. Vibrational frequency of Aquarius witnessed the greatest in April-May 2008, the world's cultural forces whose development is accelerating at such times, reached its peak in 2065

In many regions of the world are kept the legend of immortal beings and their holy cities, for example, tell of Bali Pulakah in Mongolia, there is the abode of immortals — Shambhala, in England — it is a mystical Avalon … In these legends interpreted revolutionary truth that immortality existed the ground for a long time. Immortals were often their own individual way, alone, hiding from the world. When the Spirit of the Earth collects all the forces for the birth of the new aeon of time, many of these immortals make to developing new era theme, creating a temporary coalition of forces, which, after activation of this eon, splits, and participants again follow their individual areas over the next 2,000 years.

Each new era has its geometric center: in this era of Twins center was a mountain of Taishan (China), in the age of Taurus — Belukha (Siberia), in the age of Aries — Kun-e-Malek Shia (Iran), in the age of Pisces — Mount of Olives and the Great Pyramid, in the Age of Aquarius — thus becoming the center of Glastonbury, Shaftesbury, in the age of Capricorn — a place near Recife (Brazil) (Brazil will play an important role in the next two eons occurring after the 4000 and 6000 years).

The seventh chakra: Mount Kailash

Kailash — the sacred mountain of the Himalayas, the world center of the crown chakra. It translates the purpose of the Earth or her true will. From the top of Mount Kailash, year after year, in the world directed "drawing" on the basis of which the planet as an architect creates immortal global vibrational structure. Kailash — Each year, the full moon in Scorpio, which begins in April or May, marking the beginning of the new year in terms of the global evolution. Kailas also releases information on the longer cycles of time. For example, the creative activity of the mobile sixth chakra is controlled from Mount Kailash in accordance with the four great cycles of 19 years, associated with the onset of a special full moon in Scorpio (sometimes referred to as the cycles of the great cycle of Vesak). There is another 12-year cycle, which is also used for the construction of immortal beings of the future. This cycle is called the cycle of Melchizedek, he initiated the entry of Jupiter in Aries. Cycles of Melchizedek, for example, began in 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987 and 1999.

The legend of the lost chord of Creation, which resembles the legend of the Holy Grail. If you find the three strings of Creation and connect them so that they sounded simultaneously, the world will open its eternal nature, and all mortal disappear. If you hear the sound of praise from Mount Kailash (seventh chakra), the sound of love from the heart center of the planetary and the sound of joyful thanksgiving third chakra, use your creativity and wisdom to put these notes into a single chord, and you can revive the planet.

Robert Kuhn

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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