Chelyabinsk geoglyph considered the oldest in the world

Chelyabinsk geoglyph recognized as the most ancient art object on the planet.

On Monday, the authority of the Chelyabinsk region reported that the gigantic image of an elk, discovered two years ago at the foot of the ridge Zyuratkul, may be the most ancient geoglyphs in the world. Located on the so-called ground mysterious figures — so huge that they can be seen only from the air.

After studying "zyuratkulskogo elk" carefully, experts said that it could be eight thousand years old. That is more than the famous Nazca geoglyphs in Peru.

I should add that, and located in the same region of Chelyabinsk stone city Arkaim many consider the oldest in the world — in defiance of the British Stonehenge, said NTV.

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