China for the first time managed to land a fighter on an aircraft carrier

China was the first to land on an aircraft carrier fighterChina conducted the first successful tests in their own stories aircraft carrier "Liaoning" by putting it on the deck fighter-Bomber Shenyang J-15. It is reported by "Xinhua", citing a source in the naval forces of the country.

Landing fighter was another test for the aircraft carrier, built on the basis of Russian aircraft carrier "Varyag". The ship was bought by China from Ukraine in unfinished form and finalized. September 25 2012 , he entered the system.

Command of the Chinese Navy plans to use the "Liaoning" for training, in parallel working on the creation of its own aircraft carrier.

Fighter-bomber Shenyang J-15 is built on the model of Russian fighter fourth generation Su-33 T10K, which China also purchased in Ukraine.

At the end of October 2012 also reported that China conducted the first tests of the new fighter really Shenyang J-31 (other names — J-21 and F-60), similar in design to the South American fighters fifth-generation F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning. This fighter Technical features and is suitable for use on aircraft carriers.

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