China forbade adding comments on the Web

China has banned the addition of comments on the InternetAdministration of China increased censorship in the Global Network after how its Chinese sector has information on the deployment of troops to Beijing. According to the Chinese news agency, police in Beijing detained six people and closed sixteen websites for "fabricating or spreading rumors." Besides conducted "explanatory conversations" with online users.

From March 31 to April 3, holders of the largest in China microblogging "Veybo» (Sina Weibo) and "Tensent cue-cue '(Tencent QQ) stopped work to add new comments to the posts of their own internet users. The report, which appeared on the website of Tencent, said that "rumors and illegal, harmful information" that are in microblogs bad effect on society.

The official newspaper of the Communist Party China People's Daily about this comment was posted. In the current issue of the newspaper said that only by ignoring the "external noise and rumors" China can "walk the path of progress while maintaining stability."
Rumors of a municipal coup in Beijing appeared after, both from his own office was removed influential functionary CPB Bo Xilai, who headed g.Chuntsin in the central part China. Many in the country saw him as the 1st of the likely contenders for the post of Secretary-General, but suddenly in March of this year Xilai was removed from his own office.

Web is under the strict control of the Chinese government. About this says that China banned Twitter and Facebook. Instead of the Chinese consume services of own production. Curiously, the company Tencent and Sina, today dominant in this market, it appeared in 2009 after how in the west of the country there have been a mess.

Then the Chinese authorities shut down a number of social networks, the more clear the way for their rivals. The number of Weibo users have now is 300 million, while the QQ — 711 million.

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