China has denied the purchase of Su-35 fighters

China has denied the purchase of Su-35 fighters

Press service of the Ministry of Defense of China said that the information Russian media regarding the readiness of China to conclude a contract with Russia for the purchase of forty-eight Su-35 fighters, completely not true.

In a written response, the military department of China said that media reports that Moscow and Beijing have agreed on the purchase of the Chinese side of forty-eight fighters Sou-35, has no basis in reality base.

With all this the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of China appreciated the military-technical ties between the two countries-name, adding that such cooperation is an important part of the strategic partnership between Russia and China, which is developing a measured and yields results.

In the release notes that the strategic cooperation between China and Russia is developing a measured, there is an active partnership sides in various fields, which gives excellent results.

At the same time, according to a source in the Russian defense industry, China and Russia are close to the process of writing a contract to supply the Chinese side of the forty-eight Su-35 fighters, the price of which is approximately 4 billion dollars.

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