China increases defense spending

China increases defense spendingThe authorities of the PRC in 2011 increment military spending by 12.7 percent in comparison with 2010. On this, as reported by Associated Press, said a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Li Zhaoxing. In the current year China izderzhat wants to develop the armed forces of 601 billion yuan (91.5 billion dollars). For comparison, in 2010, the country's defense spending increased in comparison with 2009 by 7.5 percent — up to 532.1 billion yuan. Some military analysts believe that this is only the visible part of the "iceberg", Beijing's military spending is actually twice as announced.

According Zhaoxing, military spending China in 2011 was only 6% of the municipal budget. With all of this, he noted that the growth of defense spending of the country "does not represent any danger to the state", and the main task of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) "is to protect the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country."

But the adjoining countries are probably not very believe in the good intentions of the huge neighbor, in virtually all countries of South-East Asia is the most real arms race. Beijing's military spending increase even more spur adjacent country. Just one example: almost a quarter of the new municipal budget for 2011 year Myanmar will be allocated for defense needs, CNBC reports, citing official sources. Of the total budget of 7.6 bln. kyat on defense will be allocated 1.8 trillion. kyat ($ 2 billion. dollars), or 23.6% of the total budget. For comparison: the health sector will receive 99.5 billion. kyats (110 million dollars), or 1.3% of the state budget.

What programs from Beijing considers priorities

— Retrofitting Air Force with modern technology and weaponry despite the fact that the Chinese Air Force is one of the largest in the world and will soon have gained great success — the creation of fighters launched the "4 +", an aircraft mock-up of the 5th generation, Beijing has a lot of problems in the area military aircraft. For example, Beijing is so far failed to make his competitive aviation engine. Moreover, China has not yet managed to make a copy and independent creation of the AL-31 engines to be installed on the Su-27 and their modifications. Engines produced in China for "dryers" come out of in the exploded view in China is only their assembly and finishing. As Russian engines are installed on fighter J-10. Another discrepancy is the gap between China in the field of electronics. To obtain the missing disk imaging China must make heavy use of intelligence. Most of the Chinese military aircraft — aircraft is 2 and third generations that need to change. China seeks to change the situation and get rid of technological dependence.

— Retooling Navy: China aims to make a real ocean-going fleet — it will make a 5-carrier-based strike groups, 1st "training" aircraft carrier (the last Russian "Varyag") should be put into operation in this, or in 2012. Combat state of the PLA Navy only about 20% will ensure ship the new and modern designs, most of the combat ship structure represented an old and obsolete ships that require a substitution. There is also a need for modernization of naval aviation aircraft and the creation of groups of aircraft carriers.

— The imminent improvement in China's nuclear forces, including the nuclear-powered submarine fleet, work to create a strategic bomber, the creation of a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of reaching any point on the globe. At the current time China, According to military professional, can cover about 50-60% of the territory the United States, to ensure their own safety Beijing wants to be able to hit any point of the U.S. ICBM.

— The upcoming re Army: the modernization of communications, radio and electronic intelligence, and electronic warfare systems, the need for specialized army aviation helicopter gunships, increasing the motorization of troops and heavy weapons to not only the primary divisions and brigades had great mobility and saturation languid instrument , and division second and third stage.

In general, if Beijing will continue its gradual modernization of aircraft, which carries the past two decades, in the same vein, in 15-20 years, the PLA will power to not only protect their area, and to conduct large-scale military actions in remote China regions.

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