China lacks the Mi-17

China lacks the Mi-17

China ordered 55 Russian Mi-171E. This model is capable of carrying up to 37 passengers or four tons of cargo and armed with engines, particularly effective in "hot and high-altitude" criteria. The deal is particularly useful to the Chinese, who need equipment capable of operating in Tibet (where many areas are at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level). China is very pleased with the Mi-17 and more than an old Mi-8, which takes place from the Mi-17.

In the past year, China has signed an agreement to license creation E-171 on its territory, but as before continuing to buy them from the Russian Federation, because for the creation of respective capacity takes time, and China needs more military transport helicopters are at the moment. At present, China has about 300 helicopters Mi-171, and they are becoming the standard transport helicopters to China. In the long run, China will have more than a thousand of the Mi-171.

Two years back the Chinese and Russian helicopter producers in a joint venture, which will be responsible for maintenance and repair of helicopters, the main Russian models. This is part of a larger plan that also involves the construction of a plant for the production of the Mi-171 in China.

M-171 is a cheap transport helicopter. But it may just be to equip weapons or converted to run all the other specialized gear. Some of the Mi-171 were even equipped radars and other sensors used for reconnaissance and surveillance.

Model E-171 was based on a model E-17 era of the 1970s, which is the export version of the Mi-8 similar. It weighs around 12 tons and can carry up to 4 tons of cargo. E-171 has a range of up to 590 miles at a cruising speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The crew consists of three people, the number of passengers is as much as it would be able to squeeze (up to 40 people, but usually 20-30). On the outer suspension can carry up to 4 tons of cargo.

Our homeland has exported hundreds of Mi-171. This helicopter strong, cheap ($ 4-5 million each) and better suited for poor countries. The development of this model was completed in the 1998th year, and our homeland is promoting it heavily on international markets.

Four years back our homeland and China have signed an agreement under which China pledged to end the stealing Russian military technology. It seems that the main task of the new agreement on the "military-technical cooperation," the intention was to force China complete copies of Russian export of equipment, competing with the Russian originals. The signing of this agreement immediately led to some exciting offers of helicopters. Our homeland has agreed to implement anti-submarine helicopters to China 6 Helix (Ka-27) with the possibility of joint production. Meanwhile, the deal on the Mi-171 is rapidly turned into a Chinese factory for the production of the Mi-171.

Also received a proposal for joint development of large transport helicopter based on the existing Mi-26T (20-ton helicopter, capable of carrying 80 passengers). There may be other proposals for joint production refreshed versions of existing Russian helicopter models. Such projects can be mutually beneficial, and China now has an internal source of cheap transport helicopters, so needed in large quantities for their own civilian and military markets.

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