China refused to grant visas to special South American Ambassador

China refused to grant special visas to the American ambassadorChina refused to grant visas to special ambassador of the United States of America, who during a meeting with the management of the PRC had to see question freedom of confession in the country.
Suzan Johnson Cook, is a South American Ambassador for the freedom of confession, was to go to China on February 8. Shortly before his own visit to China denied her a visa. China itself interpreted the refusal to grant a visa of missing meetings that salting U.S. should be held in China.

Representatives of the administration of President Barack Obama was asked not to disclose information about the failed visit of a special South American ambassador to China.

It is noted that Cook was denied a visa to China shortly before the planned visit to the capital of the U.S. Vice President Xi Jinping, who is considered a possible successor to President Hu Jintao. The Obama administration lays down high hopes for this visit, because he believes that this meeting American country will be able to relieve the tension that arose between Beijing and Washington.

Meeting Obama and Xi Jinping was accomplished last Tuesday. During his meeting with Obama, the vice-president of China, said that over the past 30 years, China headed for significant success in the protection of human rights, but the Chinese management have work to do.
Representatives of human rights organizations, the Republican Party, religious favorites, criticized the address in the South American president. In their opinion, Obama is in the process of negotiating with Xi Jinping had to show great firmness in matters relating to the independence of Tibet and nedavneshnego arrest of several opposition leaders and religious favorites in China. With indignation was also perceived silence on the South American president of the U.S. ambassador to the refusal of a visa.

Municipal Department of the United States and the Chinese Embassy in Washington declined to commented the situation with Susan Johnson Cook.
As Special Ambassador for the freedom of religion appeared in 1998 for the promotion of freedom of confession in countries where democracy is in its infancy, as in countries with authoritarian regimes. Cook received a Special Ambassador of the United States only in 2010. In the past year, her nomination was approved by the U.S. Senate.

In China, for various forms of pressure exerted by the government, according to representatives of Islam, Christianity and Buddhism.

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