Chinese armored Storm: the first pancake came out lumpy

Chinese armored "Storm": the first pancake came out lumpy

By the early 1980's. in China have been actively working to build the tank of the latest generation, which would meet the requirements of modern warfare and could change more than once modernized tanks "Type 59". After work on the machines opytneyshemi WZ-1224 WZ-1226, and in the short term was created by way of a promising model of Chinese tanks "Storm-I" ("Storm" or "Fenbao"). It is reported by the website "Courage."

The case was made on the base of the tank "Type 88" and had a multilayer booking the frontal part of its stern compared with "88" was significantly raised in connection with the relinking of the MTO. In the chassis used rollers and suspension elements of the experimental tank WZ-1224, WZ-1226, but the caterpillar and the drive wheel is one hundred percent borrowed from the "Type 80/88." Layout welded turret with a combined book implied the presence of a modular automatic loader (then it was copied from the Russian tank T-72M), but it does not specify the particular design. 105-mm rifled gun must have had a ThermoJacket and ejection purge the barrel. General assembly of the tank with the traditional location in front of the driver's compartment (a driver NDIS left), fighting with a tower in the center of the radial rotation (to the right of the gun commander, gunner on the left), and of the engine at the rear.

Chinese armored "Storm": the first pancake came out lumpy

As the engine had to be used 730-horsepower 12-cylinder water-cooled engine "12150L7BW", which is an improvement of the Russian B-54. Tower has developed cheekbones, which are plug-in modules with protivosnaryadnym filler and fodder niche-type Western tanks. The commander and gunner can be equipped with a combined sight. The roof space is foreseen to install anti-aircraft machine gun. Changed assembly fenders: located on the right external fuel tanks greater than that of the previous tank capacity, on the left — boxes of spare parts.

At first, "Storm-I" was offered for export, and acquired by the contract funds planned to put on the final design work and batch creation. But buyers in the car was found, and the Chinese have continued independent work on the final design of welded turret with a modular reservation for promising tanks. In the coming where you copied the Russian autoloader, Chinese spices made it almost a new primary battle tank, the designation "Type 85". There was an improved design of the tank "Storm-II", but it remained on paper, but specific details are unknown.

Combat weight, kg 39000
Crew. 4
Main dimensions, mm:
— The length of the body (with gun forward) 6325 (no data)
— Width 3372
— Height N
— Ground clearance 480
— Base x track 4064 x 2700
Average ground pressure, kg/cm2 N
Armament (ammo, rounds):
— 105-mm rifled gun "83"
— 7.62-mm machine gun "59-T"
— 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun "54" 1 (no data)
1 (no data)
1 (no data)
Angles vertical guidance degrees. -4 … +18
Two-plane stabilizer arms
Loading mechanism provided
Means are provided staging dymzavesy
The type and brand of diesel engine "12150L7BW"
Maximum power, hp 730
Specific power, hp / ton 18.72
The highest speed, km / h: 60
The stores range, km 500
Overcoming obstacles:
— ditch, 2.7 m
— wall, 0.8 m
— ford, 1.4 m (with OPVT — 5)
Booking, mm
— Copus Combined forehead.
— board Copus N
— Combined forehead tower.

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