Chinese counterfeits for the Pentagon

Chinese counterfeits for the PentagonThe story began about a year back. Then the Boeing Company in the service of the 1st of its own military aircraft (type not clear was called) has found several electrical components that were about to go wrong. For all this they looked quite new, as evidenced by the documentation. After that incident, the U.S. Congress initiated investigation, which has been entrusted to the Chamber.

May 21 The Congress received the report of the investigation. In the course of this case the Accounting Chamber auditors analyzed the Pentagon an unlimited number of purchases in 2009 and 2010. In addition, there have been a few of their own tenders, but first things first. For dedicated to investigation Counting months house at the physical level would be unable to verify all military procurement. So we had to limit ourselves to those pertaining to electrical components for aircraft and certain "parts" of the Army. As a result, testing was found about 1800 (!) Evidence of inadequate supplies of parts of the property. And almost all of the products, other than the rest, was also counterfeit. So Makar, a few hundred planes could get equipment that does not have a corresponding certificate and at any moment could not refuse. Yet, all the fake parts have supporting documentation. South American intelligence agencies has yet to learn from negligent providers take these papers.

It must be emphasized that the figure in 1800 of the "Left" units refers to the total amount of counterfeit equipment. But any piece of equipment has in its composition 10s and hundreds of smaller components. And yet it is not clear where they came from and where made. In other words, said auditors, in general refers to the difficulty of hundreds of thousands of counterfeit electrical parts. Accordingly, the failure can be triggered even which of them.

In addition to specific review of the procurement auditors of the Accounts Chamber of the U.S. without the help of others had similar deals. Especially for that was created several front companies which, without much difficulty reached the 13 Chinese manufacturers of electronics and "iron" parts. The Chinese front companies have caught several 10-s of various parts and components of various kinds. The audit showed that in all 16 Fri orders were delivered very real fake details improper properties. Among the fakes were purchased parts for a number of fighters, and for the V-22 tiltrotor. As we see, the Americans did not have time to build the right amount of these machines, as some enterprising people have established the creation of the "Left" spare parts. Moreover, in the process of investigating auditors revealed quite shocking fact. Counterfeit electrical components of unknown origin were established on the main computers missile system THAAD.

During the analysis of the collected disk imaging, it was found the origin of the most purchased in 2009-10 fakes. Thus, about 70% of the counterfeit was manufactured in China. Basically, after a number of recognizable events is not the origin of the counterfeits look something unusual. But three of the 10th of the total counterfeit parts do not come from China. Who are these "heroes"? Second place among the suppliers of counterfeit parts is England with 11% of detected fraud. The top three would-be leaders closes Canada, from which the United States came nine percent obscure components and assemblies.

The theme of Chinese counterfeits is illuminated in detail. Soon after the publication of the report of the Accounts Chamber of the official Beijing issued a statement on the active "attack the market of counterfeit products." At the same time, the South American auditors and senators responded to the Chinese word versatile. As it turns out, during the investigation Accounts house tried to send their employees to China. But the Celestial Empire for some reason refused to issue visas. So Makar, investigation Accounting Chamber stalled at the stage of searching for specific supplier firms.

Of course, if the item is made in accordance with the standards, it can be certified once already during the operation and use further without fear of problems. But as they say in the report of the Accounting Chamber, the same 1,800 units of equipment is not only fake, and bad. Approximately one third of the surveyed units to find and to their features can be used exclusively in the field of civilian or do not meet any standards. Another 50% could barely pull to operate in the industry. Only one fifth of identified components meet the requirements of the Pentagon. Almost in military vehicles were set 100 percent.

Own report to the auditors completed a number of conclusions regarding the situation. In their opinion, the main reason many of counterfeit spare parts — complex supply chains. In general, a good system with tenders, konkurentnstyu etc. really good effect on prices. But almost in the contests for the supply of devices involved obscure office with a strange past and the complete lack of any capacity. In the end, having bought on the side of the fake units in advance disgusting properties indecent low prices, these offices win tenders and get significant profit. According to various estimates, a similar system has been working for a year or two.

Having considered the report of the auditors, the Senate claimed by the military to deal with the situation and look guilty. While there is no data on the effects of the installation of illicit devices. The Pentagon and the Court of house do not spread the clear evidence of harm to the money or disposition of acquired human injuries. The military department of the United States, in turn, is silent and is limited to generalities. Investigation conducted, guilty will be punished. Only the unlikely search negligent parties responsible for the procurement, will be able to immediately change the situation. To eliminate the effects of purchasing counterfeit goods and to avoid their repetition in the future will need to change the entire system of procurement for the army and military production. Namely, it is necessary to give more importance to the system authorization providers. But this is the future of the day, and yet still have to identify other fakes, if they were.

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