Chinese dragon walks bukovkoy G

Chinese dragon goes by the letter "G"So far in our country the public and political forces were under the impression from what China together with Russia imposed a draft resolution on Syria veto power of the Chinese decided to "go bukovkoy G". Everyone expected that China will collapse on Western countries to searing criticism and would like to speak words of encouragement to the Syrian authorities and the authorities of Iran, where China is, by the way, buys 20% of its oil exports. Expected also because only recently the Chinese from the pages of his own party mouthpiece 'People's Daily' proposed RF make the Eurasian Union, which had to suspend South American expansion in the world. But expectations were not fully justified. In 1-x, Beijing has reduced by almost 50% the purchase of "black gold" in Tehran, in-2, based on the results quite warm meeting of the Chinese delegation to Saudi Arabia will buy Celestial Riyadh "missing" oil. To be clear, the Chinese are offering Russian Federation to do the Eurasian Union as a counterweight to NATO, has already held talks with the Saudi authorities about the rise of crude oil that can be a real substitute tyscham 285 barrels that China and then refused to go to Tehran.

Not if it says that the Chinese administration has already managed to put an end to the existence of Iran in its current state. Well, look, this situation, from the standpoint of Russian philistine as a blow to Iran in the back. When we talk of the fact that European sanctions against Iran may prove the same, than the elephant's grains, China has already signed the documents with the Saudis, that, if anything, to close the gap occurring hydrocarbon. Thus, it may be because Europe and ventured to take painful beating on herself sanctions against Iran … The traditional example of a double play China for their own upcoming sustainable development. From the perspective of China's economy is doing everything right, but from the standpoint of international partnership is a game of the Chinese authorities seem to put it mildly, incorrect. But here is whether we have the right to make such an assessment of China's foreign policy? It is another matter. His focus completely on their own benefit could learn from. Once all the bad luck that will determine whether other countries willing to support initiatives by the Chinese side, if you will keep in mind far not a friendly gesture of the PRC in respect of the 1st of its own major oil suppliers — Iran.

Apparently, the Russian administration has decided to respond to China and a similar coin. In February, Vice President of China, the future, as it is called, a favorite China, Xi Jinping was due to arrive for a fact-finding visit to Moscow. But the Kremlin decided to use his Chinese diplomacy and for the visitor suddenly said they do not provide assurance that the Emperor Xi Jinping will be able to meet with senior management of the country because he is very busy Tipo future presidential elections. How to explain such starkness of Moscow apart as the fact that the Russian leadership is aware of Beijing's economic relations with Riyadh against Tehran. However, it must be said that China and in Russia is going to buy more oil, trying to cover the "lack of Iranian oil." Here in Moscow, however, went to Beijing to make concessions, but the harsh political integration of the Kremlin does not want to show yet. In response, Xi Jinping, void sumnyashesya, decided to go to Washington to regain the trust of the United States. The astonishing rapidity of change of the vector of relations China indicates that China's friendship resembles friendship fleas and dogs: who the thick wool in order China friends will. Yes, and it temporarily — until the horizon will be a new "partner" with even more enticing prospect.

During the meeting, Xi with Barack Obama first, as it became clear from a number of media reports, the U.S. president will explain that the Americans do not have to build up its military power in Asia. This alone proves once again that China is any foreign alliances only in order to continue its economic expansion. In fact, the case, in the words of the vice-president of the PRC contains following meaning: do what you want, where you would like and how you would like, just stay away from our borders. If China is positioning itself as an active partner of, offering anti-NATO alliance, then why is not representative of the Chinese authorities is the problem of European missile defense. Yes, because Beijing is not alarming. Alliance between China and Russia, which sees Beijing, China needed only in order to simply download resources from the Russian Federation in the event of global economic, political and military upheavals.

Speaking of China's position in the international arena tongued states and the fact exactly how the Chinese delegation did not support the Moroccan resolution on Syria. If Our homeland has openly declared that the resolution expresses the outlook of only one political force, China, in a characteristic manner, he simply referred to "some discrepancies" in this issue. Like, all of us like it, you only need to slightly adjust. After that, the world heard the unflattering expressions in the address RF and have not heard of the address in China, saw a blazing Russian tricolors and saw burning red Chinese flags.

In general, over the past few months, China has shown more than once that his old philosophy of watching someone's neuvvyazkami not stuck. His task — to see! And on the basis of such contemplation and look for a comfortable time is running mate, which, if anything, can be, in the words of Russian entrepreneurs, "throw", he washed his hands.

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