Chinese form of the military should not be

Chinese form of the military should not be

The bureaucrats are trying to ban creation camouflage for the Russian army from fabrics made abroad.

Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry plans to limit the introduction of fabrics for sewing zabugornogo production form for the military. Among the countries that fall under this restriction, fell, and China. This was stated by a source in the Defense Ministry. Now about 50% of the jackets and tunics are made of a cheap Chinese textiles, for all that do not meet the requirements of GOST 20% of them. Military for all that they say that they can not control the procurement of suppliers.

— When the announcement of the tender, we can declare the requirements for the quality of fabrics — the type of weave, composition, physical properties, — but we can not specify who these fabrics suppliers should take. Make it forbids us to the 30th federal law — the Defense Ministry told "Izvestia".

The interviewee explained that the military principal, from the tissues of the manufacturer has been sewn form. The main requirement — compliance with the required specification. In order to verify compliance with any part of the latest batch of forms takes place culling and expertise.

— According to my information, admissions in the form of troops, sewn of poor tissue has not been fixed, — informed the officer said.

Maxim Ilyin, commercial director of "BMC-textiles," said the producer, has won the tender, Now nothing prevents one party to release from fabrics made in Russia, and others — from the Chinese.

— Meter Russian fabric costs about 140 rubles, while the Chinese — 90. For sewing summer form to about 4 meters fabric. In the case of the order of, say, 50 thousand sets only on the difference in prices of fabrics factory can save about 10 million rubles — gave its estimates Ilyin.

But for cheapness usually have to pay quality. Cloth their China almost entirely composed of polyester — a material produced from waste plastic — bags, plates and bottles. And, unlike the highest tissue properties, does not contain viscose or cotton. Russian weavers at all it must comply with state standards.

— Prof. Chinese fabric manufacturers call "glass." Their body is totally not breathing. In such a form of military risk of getting allergies and skin diseases, — says Mikhail Ilyin.

None interviewed "Izvestia", the company won the tender of the Ministry of Defence open a discussion on the shape of the country of manufacture of fabrics disagreed.

Only one plant that act for the military, on the criteria of anonymity, said that earlier fabric really bought in China, but is not currently at risk because there is no guarantee of properties.

— Zabugornom providers do not have any obligations to the Ministry of Defence. They are not provided by the mobilization reserve of the country. In this regard, the possibility is high that instead of the 1st type of fabric will be delivered another. But inspect quality tissue in each roll, we can not — we sew from the fact that it was brought from the warehouse. In some cases, reveal differences in the eye unreal — the type of fabric is completely similar. For the Chinese, we do not bind — sew fabric produced in Russia. Especially since the price of today is actually monotonous — told a representative of the sewing company "News".

According to him, in case of non-compliance military acceptance of used tissues technical requirements designated in the tender, a sewing factory will be listed in the "black list" and participate in the upcoming battle for state orders it fails.

— Poor-quality cloth laboratory criteria calculate simple — it differently glows differently responsive to reagents and solvents. Accordingly, to identify the shape of the dress are made of poor-quality tissue is fairly simple. However, if this form all the same enters the army, the military may not be very carefully inspect it, — said the source.

He pointed to such time as in Russia not to impose direct restrictions on the introduction of imported fabrics, manufacturers will be selected over a cheap.

Eugene Titov, director of "Tchaikovsky Textile", revealed that Russian fabrics, not including chemical composition, superior quality first Chinese counterparts chemical processing and weaving.

— Cost of tissue similar properties in China and in Russia about similar, even more so when you consider transport and customs costs. Because if the price of Chinese fabric twice lower that means it is underestimated quality. Lower price in another unreal — said Titov.

According to the draft government decree, which was established in the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry, worsted fabrics used in the manufacture of clothing and equipment must be of Russian manufacture. At the moment, the project is focused on the coordination of the government.

With all of this the origin of the fibers used for the production of cloth in Russia, according to "Izvestia", the document is not regulated, and the means to prohibit use in the manufacture of fabrics Russian Chinese yarn weaving factories nobody could.

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