Chinese hazard does not exist

— How much will it cost meat in 2000?
— I think about 50 yuan.
(Funny story of the 70-ies of XX century)

I will say at this point is that the perceptible part of my constant readers would annoy deeply. Specifically: Chinese hazard exists. Siberia and China also does not capture. And in Russia, and Siberia for us there is only one threat — the Russian. Once we are able to do to kill our country, as in 1991, to declare sovereignty from themselves, as in 1990, or invite in the next "Chicago boys", so they told how we rob ourselves better, as in the 1992 — m

Religion KU

Not so long ago in our "patriotic" circles began another round of hysteria China Hazard (CS) under the title "Help! The Chinese are coming! ". What has not read it on this topic on the Web — "The occupation of China, the Russian Federation is inevitable," "The Chinese army is able to capture the Far East with one blow", "nearest neighbor — a future military superpower," "Beijing tiger readied to jump" — and stuff like that.

Now not only lazy discusses the options for the occupation of Russia and Siberia, China. But why is no one discusses the great historically recognizable and even more affordable option: option temporary entry to the area of northern China units of the Russian army, "in which case". Unlike the Chinese, we have repeatedly done the. One day after the previously succeeded?

Chinese threat does not exist

Stories about the "growing population density of China" because they (typical) just have to be aggressive and otymat foreign lands — a myth for poorly educated people. The population density of China is approximately the tenth place in Asia (of noticeable States), giving South Korea three times in two and a half times — the land of the rising sun, yielding twice the density of population in India, the Philippines, Vietnam and North Korea. Even Pakistan, which is why no one ever believes it is overcrowded — even more densely populated than China. If China is to be brutal — why not aggressive, much more densely populated India, with its population of a billion? Why not aggressive Bangladesh, where the population density is eight times higher (!) Than in China? (1)

In general, for the followers of KU lead numbers and calculations stupid. It is a religion. Did someone assure probative calculation in numbers, about what the Buddha is not and could not be?

In addition, China has its "Siberia" — sparsely populated and almost no western regions, where the density of population in the forty to fifty times lower than in eastern China, parts of which he currently develops rapidly, spending there highways and steel the road — but the Chinese working there, according to the most conservative estimates, there are around one hundred to one hundred fifty years. Not Sure followers KU and calculations that due to a new kind of ordinary Chinese families, who for the past 20 years, defected to the many children from rural families with few children of modern urban recently, China's population is estimated demographers, inevitably will not only not grow and shrink (and aging) — exactly the same as at present reduced the indigenous population of Europe.

Chinese threat does not exist

Obviously, at the level of feelings in China (as we have, in general) to do any hot application. Sense in them no more than calls to Alyasochku recognizable (and even California) back. If you do not read about feelings and about the real political practices of the Chinese government, they is not carrying and not aggressive in encouraging irresponsible policies, and in efforts to plan its own population in accordance with the needs of the country. Ah well defines these tasks official Chinese body — the newspaper "People's Daily":

"The Government makes family planning as one of the main areas of social and demographic policy. In practice, this means a combination of municipal government with the conscious will of the people. Public administration is the central and local governments to develop policies and laws to control population growth, an increase in the level of health and life of the population and improve the structure of the population, also at the macro level planning demographic development of society. … The main content of family planning: encouraging late marriages and late childbirth, limiting the number of kids with a focus on improving the properties of the inclusive features of the nation "

Chinese threat, KU — for many people, something more than just a geopolitical fiction. For many people — it's a kind of geopolitical cult, without which one can not exist. My article is not exactly what they were not sure what would be the arguments I'm not here cited. KU — it is almost a religion, and religion fanatics. On the expression "there is no God" offense where fewer people than in the expression "there is no danger of China." Number of forecasts in the web "But China tomorrow rob us of Siberia" soon, for sure, will exceed the number of Chinese people on the planet.

Chinese threat does not existBut that's committed to the legitimate question: How, how China will trample on Russia without solving the Taiwan issue? — One of the fans of KU does not give clear answer. And it is clear why: the introduction of Taiwan's Far Eastern formula factors completely changes the entire agenda of the day or Far East, this factor makes it almost inevitable for China reincarnation least some brutal war in the war on civil — with the highest chances of complete collapse of the ruling regime in Beijing, which will lead not to unite, and the disintegration of China. In the hypothetical scenario, it does not matter what kind of military operation preparatory "force the return of Taiwan to China's bosom" — is almost certainly a hot conflict with China block U.S. and England — With the imminent total collapse, and directed to Chinese exports to the U.S. economy and all its zeroing of accumulated cash reserves. And in this story, it smells exactly the same — the imminent collapse of the China's provinces. China (more precisely its brutal game, "China hawks") are here in the state of geopolitical zugzwang: they can not act against Russia, not previously decided for Taiwan question, risking the collapse of the country, and they can not solve the Taiwan question without the risk of a collapse of the regime the risk that the same collapse. And the clever heads in Beijing, according to their on-weighted external policies are well aware of.

China can seize Russia.
But only if you do not remain in Russia Army
Atomic Bomb and the Russian people

Present for yourself now Russia without nuclear weapons — this is the same as to provide for themselves without the Russian Army in general — and the build of this own c
omfort geopolitical outlook, where Russian suffering defeat after defeat. But at the Russian nuclear weapon, would be a shame as it may sound, there is — seems to be not working like some KU fans. Now aside from the factor of nuclear weapons is unrealistic — it is almost the same as a present for yourself that in Russia there is no Russian people or the Russian Army, and making forecasts of the Russian-Chinese conflict on the basis of this incident. I understand that many would have lusted after this. But I do not understand why a "well-known analysts' estimates and projections putting forward the theory of" Russian-Chinese conflict "in which nuclear weapons (even tactical!) Like it is not there — why talk to them, but do not hand in a comfortable house with a yellowish nurses .

Chinese threat does not exist

Let's podiskutiruem about the prospects of modern medicine without drugs, for example? And terrible "microbial threat." After all, "billions of microbes." I have the time as there are medications — you need not be afraid billion bacteria. Since that time, as there are nuclear weapon — do not be afraid of any billion, and no states with a billion population. Power is not in billion

China is weak and uses its own, has its available land

It is also seen that across the bottom, in the south of China is not cool under our homeland, which can hurt back and do a completely warm, cereal, small and often feeble in the military sense of the country, with a huge Chinese diaspora, which has existed there for centuries. But we — after the border conflict with Vietnam — not litsezreem nor the smallest of Chinese attempts to grab something there. Surprisingly, yes?

The Chinese often they say about the lack of land. But as they say in China, a severe shortage of land, I always have in mind specifically cereal land, highly applicable for irrigated agriculture — and not the taiga with the bears. In addition, do not think that China is mastered, even in areas of conventional farming. China has a huge domestic reserves. According to Dr. S. Rakowski, from 1957 to 2000, the number of China's population has increased almost two-fold (98%), while the area of arable land in the country has decreased by 1/8. In addition, by the year 2000 fraction of transportation, commerce, communication, money and other services in the economy of China has twice exceeded that of agriculture, and have gained almost 40% of GDP — and growing. And for the "transport, trade, communications, money and other services" do not need a lot of land. The denser the population taken — especially those sectors of the economy more efficient. And the least densely population — so they are less effective and more than the invoice. (2)

China is weak and uses its own, has its available land, preferring to concentrate their efforts on the areas of sustainable irrigated, high-efficiency tropical and subtropical agriculture. Maybe you'll be surprised, but the density of land use here, next on our perfectly familiar to all Ukraine and Moldova to four times higher than in China — about 60% compared to 15% of land used in China. Approximately 80% of the available land in China is not generally used in any way. Moreover — in the long term, China does not increase, and decreases the area of arable land. Other land of China — entirely free to develop and often even sparsely populated, and some — generally deserted. For full settlement and development China will need another century or two, and this is the very life-affirming scripts.

No matter how big war will kill China as the government

But that is not the case, not the economy, not only in the economy. No matter how big the war for China now — even non-nuclear — fatally unsafe and kill him as a government. China is not protected now, even from ordinary weapons, not to mention nuclear. Two-thirds of China's population live on a small part of its territory, in the lower reaches of the three main rivers. Several hundred million Chinese live in the flooded areas, and in the event of a massive dam will die, disappear from the face of the earth entire Chinese provinces. Lost and agriculture, all built on the aqua regulation and unenforceable without this, and of the industry in these areas — with the industry needed to be gone a routine physical survival of the population, such as food.

Chinese threat does not exist

Here is a small illustration of the fragility of all Chinese civilization model. In 1975, Typhoon "Nina" breaks through one small dam in the upper reaches of the Roux. The resultant wave is alternately held by Roux and Huai rivers, destroying the dam and then 62 hydroelectric dams. Killed hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes and suffered from the flood of 11 million. This — the largest number of victims gidrokatastrofa in History, Its only surpassed by man-made gidrokatastrofa 1938, when during the Sino-Japanese War, the Chinese military purposes themselves destroyed the dam on the Yellow River, which once, instantly caused the death of over half a million people.

Zashorennost KU supporters in the fact that they confidently predict the risk of RF from China but to focus not behold the Straseni threats from China itself at least some clashes with Russia. And the reality is such that, in the case of Russian-Chinese clinch China itself is likely to end up with the highest exist as a unified government. The ruling circles in Beijing — in contrast to our fans KU — well aware that at least some conflict with Russia means for them, for Beijing is that the regime of Taiwan will not miss the ability to embody their own genetic code, your program from — to kill a hated him PDA as "the ruling power Chinese society, "to return the position of the ruling power in mainland China, and the means to kill China in the form in which it exists the past half a century, since the days of Chairman Mao, reload" China matrix. "

Taiwan Key

Taiwan — a key to understanding the whole strategic situation in the East. He — the direct successor of the ruling regime in China earlier Gomildana, and is unequivocally claim not only to survive on a remote peninsula on the continent, and completely seriously has the right to declare their claims to the whole mainland China. All in a row waiting for decades for some reason, when China seize Taiwan. But no one predicts an even more option — which does not take over Taiwan, China, and Taiwan to re-capture their legitimate patrimony — Mainland China, or part of it, subordinating his own political influence. And the size of the Army and the number of guns here have no meaning. If the process goes, if the CCP destroyed, in the spirit of the bankrupt as of the CPSU in 1991, the loyalty to the regime of Taipei — Gomildana successor — will massively swearing and Chinese generals and provincial governments, without a moment's feeling traitors to the country. (4)

Specifically, the Taiwan regime is "spare the government" of China in the event of a severe crisis in the ruling CCP — and, apparently, that of the crisis is not far off. The bourgeois character "grass roots" of the Chinese economy and the nature of the ruling communist authorities constitute a fatal contradiction, a contradiction that can be resol
ved only by death CPC as the ruling force of Chinese society — with the imminent collapse of the country's coastal enclaves and the subordination of central China and Taiwan.

Yes, China is sure to merge with Taiwan, but connect it by the collapse of the mainland to — at least — five to seven independent states, with the release of the southern provinces, Hong Kong, Tibet, Uyghur, Inner Mongolia, and perhaps Manchuria. And we should not be prepared to seize Siberia, China, and plans to return to the Russian CER, Harbin and Port Arthur.

In the case of the collapse of the regime of China, break-up into enclaves and the arrival of the numerous local governments unbalanced it becomes inevitable challenge. Not with fire and sword come Russia to China, and a mission order and good will, upon the request of the new Chinese authorities to maintain a simple world, stop looting and robberies, to actually save many millions of people. Other way, we simply will not, either we will help the new government to restore order in the field, or 10's of millions of refugees to jerk us across the border. We do not need to prepare for the military, and to humanitarian occupation, the military in form but in fact humanitarian and humane action on its content — because historically always functioned Russian army in China, leaving behind friends, not enemies. Here is our current day or the Far East agenda, not mythology KU.

Already almost 40 years in a row I hear about the terrible danger of the Chinese. By God enough. It is time to separate the religion of the country


(1) The numbers of population density in different years may vary slightly, but the overall picture is not changed fundamentally. China on the characteristics of Asia — srednenaselennaya country, and comes in a number of densely populated.
(2) We have a similar example where the highest density of population dedicates the highest proportion of products "transportation, commerce, communication, money and other services." This is Moscow, which is the highest surplus product priemuschestvenno in these industries and for these reasons, and more not because of the factor of "robbing the province," as many think. By the way, this is one of the principal circumstances of why the Russian should be plenty. Our provincial malolyude — that's the reason and the source of poverty, but it is not a consequence of how often think about.
(3) About China, and the inevitability of greater cooperation with them in the development of Siberia — the article creator of the "Patriotic Marketing"
(4) By the way, Taipei in the documents is officially called "the place of temporary residence of the Government of the Republic of China during the communist insurgency." Check it out swing.
(5) The density of the population of China, the scheme from the website: / maps / pages / density.html

Chinese threat does not exist

Pay attention to the low population of the border areas with us.

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