Chinese naval landing: where to plant?

At least some modernization of the armed forces of any country raises questions. By answering them, sometimes you can even predict with some accuracy, or to expose the country's defense doctrine. The main thing — true to analyze the available information. No exception, the new amphibious ships as part of the PLA Navy. Taking into account the attitude of some countries to China, is not hard to guess the reasons for concern, aimed at landing ships of the project 071. Moreover, they are the largest plavredstvami in the Chinese naval forces, which only spurred zabugorny enthusiasm.

Chinese naval landing: where to land?

Of course, Landing Ship is not intended for any other purpose, except for landing of amphibious assault. Hence we have a regular, clear and logical question: where China is going to plant their landings? In discussions of Chinese territorial claims first theme emerges Taiwan. The war between the Republic of China and the People's Republic of China has not portend the first ten years and with each rearming its ability to consider China more superior. Yet, up to now no harsh activism was not. Both sides have exchanged various bad actions, but not in a hurry to open the front. After the rise in the Navy People's Liberation Army landing craft project some 071 analysts here showed to the world the "real cause" of the absence of open conflict. In their opinion, all this time, China did not attack Taiwan only because it does not have the respective ships. Now, allegedly, marines can land almost a day or for a day. Once this occurs outlook on the absence of Beijing's plans to seize Taiwan. Over the past decade, the Chinese control in some measure reconciled to the actual independence of Taiwan. Among other, the cause of this is the development of the case of Taiwan and the U.S.. It is unlikely that China will want just for the sake of the 1st island wage a war against a superpower.

There is also another fact that in some measure confirms preparations for landing on Taiwan. The first two ships of Project 071 — "Kunlunshan" and "Jinggangshan" — are based in Guangdong province, situated on the shores of the South China Sea. So Makar, from the home port to the Taiwanese coast amphibious ships will have to go only 750-800 km. Relatively small distance in case of need can work on a surprise attack, but the Taiwanese armed forces are quite modern, so as not to miss the ships with troops, much less the largest in the PLA Navy.

Chinese naval landing: where to land?

As we see, the attack of the PRC to Taiwan is quite the issues that pose a swing success of the operation. Chinese management simply can not be aware of it and are unlikely to prepare plans for landing on the independent peninsula a day or for a day. At the same time, Beijing's territorial claims are not terminated by the Republic of China. The Chinese have long been showing interest in several islands in the South China Sea. According to some sources, the few scraps of land owned by some good supplies of minerals. Official Beijing a couple of times already showed their intention to take these islands for themselves "under the wing". Other countries in the region such as the Philippines or Vietnam against it. In their opinion, the disputed islands should not belong to China, and they are. It is easy to guess, what specifically Vietnam or the Philippines want to get hold of these areas. Needs to be seen in the designated countries are afraid of not only the loss of deposits of minerals. Having another resource base, China will be able to completely and finally become the economic, industrial and military favorite for the South Asian region. And here is reminded of the words of Comrade Mao, who claimed direct text of the need to "collecting" China several states in the region. Naturally, the neighbors Celestial nervous and did not give her consent to the accession of the disputed islands.

Because the islands are not someone else's property, they are virtually uninhabited. As a result, the operation to capture would be quite normal. And it will be able to cope with specific marines who delivered to the place of landing ships. It is also necessary to emphasize that the Marines on the ships "071" can not just take these islands, and discourage them from other "competitors". We can not exclude the possibility that some of the now contending States in the near future without the help of others, without any approval from the disputed area to attach to themselves. In this case, for a few days China will be able to start a "peacekeeping" operation to "liberate" the islands. We can only guess whether Beijing will void the island again, take for yourself or leave "protectorate." Regardless of the final conflict, such landing craft 071 project will be very useful. One could even argue that they play a crucial role in the process of fighting for the island.

Chinese naval landing: where to land?

It is unlikely that you can find a more suitable "target" for landing craft project 071 not including Taiwan and the islands of the South China Sea. Naturally, with a cruising range of 7-8 thousand miles of sea, these ships can operate in more remote areas, but as long as China does not specify its own special interest in falling in this region radius. So except versions of preparing attacks on outlying islands and you can see the obvious option of its own fleet. It turned out that 071 ships of the project are the largest in size and displacement in the Chinese navy. In the coming months the PLA Navy will have its own first aircraft carrier "Shi Lang". While this battle ship and its development in China is already the moment we can predict excessive enthusiasm for it. So this fall the discussion on "Why China amphibious ships?" Will give way to the same arguments about the aircraft carrier. Still, "Shi Lang" in one and a half times longer than the "Kunlunshanya" and has three times the displacement. A good reason for speculation.

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