Chinese Type 58 light machine gun

Chinese Type 58 machine gun is a copy of Russian RP-46 machine gun. By the way, China produced copies of other guns Degtyareva. For example, the Type 53 is a copy of DPM, Type 56 — RAP Type 54 and Type 59 — DShKM.

Chinese Type 58 light machine gun
Manual gun RP-46 reference 1946

Automatic machine gun Type 58 work outside of the garment out of the barrel of powder gases through the gas chamber disposed below the barrel. The barrel is locked bolt lugs, which are bred drummer in hand. The back-action spring was placed in the rear of the receiver in the handset.

Feeding mechanism of the link iron belt was driven by the bolt handle during its movement. Tape is applied on the right, for it served as a special direction of the tray. Exchangeable trunk weighed down to the ability to fire longish queue. Iron cartridge box and laid it tape worn and installed separately from the gun into position.

Chinese Type 58 light machine gun

The device allows for keeping the trigger only continuous fire. Shot from the rear sear. In the frontal position thumb safety sear closed. Scope — sector. Non-removable folding bipod mounted on a perforated barrel shroud. Pistol grip and buttstock made of wood.

Copies of the RP-46 excluding China under the designation Type 64 were produced in North Korea. Chinese Type 58 light machine gun and the Russian RP-46 had spread throughout the world and to this day are found in different countries.

The order of unloading the Chinese Type 58 light machine gun:
1. Insert the fuse.
2. Cover latch receiver (available rear sight) to pull back and open the lid.
3. Remove the tape.
4. Pull the bolt back, look around the chamber.
5. Turn off the fuse and push the trigger.
6. Having returned to the frontal position the bolt handle, close the cover of the receiver.

Technical properties of the Chinese Type 58 light machine gun:
Cartridge — 7,62 x53;
Weight of machine gun — 13 kg (equipped with tape);
Length of gun — 1272 mm (with flash hider);
Barrel length — 605 mm;
Rifling — 4 right-handed;
The initial velocity — 825 m / s (languid);
Effective range — 1,500 m;
Range of slaughter act bullets — 3800 m;
Rate of fire — 600 rounds per minute;
Combat rate — up to 250 shots per minute;
Tape capacity — 200/250 rounds of ammunition;
Mass equipped with tape — 8,33 / 9,63 kg;
Calculation — 2 people.

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