Chinese Type 77 machine gun mnogokaliberny

Gun Type 77 for the first time appeared in the late 80s and early created for the defense under the cartridge type 54 (12,7 x108), for all that it can be used to deal with ground targets. Obviously posed little problem in the development of a light machine gun, which would be more mobile than DShKM.

Chinese heavy machine gun Type 77
Mnogokaliberny gun Type 77 machine on the tripod in position for ground shooting

In the machine gun used quite unusual for such caliber guns vapor automation system, in which the specific impact of the gate of the propellant gas. Venting tube goes to the front of the receiver from the gas regulator and the hole formed in the wall of the barrel. With all of this on the bottom of the bolt carrier designated under pressure powder gases. The locking system — the modified scheme Chelman (may have been taken from DShKM, the Soviet Union or the Type 54). Bolt carrier at the last parish in the frontal position Spreads couple swinging lugs calling for support planes in the recesses receiver. The assembly was performed by the "linear" scheme — on the continuation of the axis of the barrel receiver placed box and the main mechanisms. Trunk up to half the length of the longitudinal fins and provided with a perforated active-reactive muzzle brake.

In the Type 77 used the classic controls — the shutter release lever located on the back plate receiver and two handles. Catering Equipment — tape. Feeding belt is fastened on the left of the box. The standard is and optical anti-aircraft sight, but there is a fly that has the ring fencing of sight and a folding frame.

Chinese heavy machine gun Type 77
Mnogokaliberny gun Type 77 machine on the tripod in position for anti-aircraft fire

For there is a range of anti-aircraft fire tripod systems. The main complex is the lightweight tripod has a sliding front foot and allowing not only the radial fire, and fire from standing, sitting or lying down.

Properties of the Chinese Type 77 machine gun mnogokalibernogo:
Cartridge — 12,7 x108;
Weight of the machine gun on the tripod — 56.1 kg;
Length of gun — 2150 mm;
Barrel Length — 1016 mm;
Rifling — 8 of right;
The initial velocity — 800 m / s;
Rate of fire — 700 rounds per minute;
Reach height — 1600 m;
Tape capacity — 60 rounds.

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