Christmas Carols, Christmas Carols — computers from home!

The search was made, and the Company in a private house on the street Polesskaya, 52, where the office of the regional branch of the United Civil Party, and several other community organizations.

Says city coordinator created the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Constantin Zhukovsky — In his private house searched as many as five kegebistov do with Captain Maksimenko:

"It's — a team to conduct a search and to show that they work. Oh, and another, apparently, a method of intimidation plus banter State — new Belarusian mummers. They are looking for computers, audio and videaparaturu. At the state has no money — all of it is removed. In their decision, whatever, could take. They took even drives family — the child has taken the first step. They took the tapes, took 11 CDs Vladimir Neklyaeva, although well aware of the power of those who instigated the events in the square in Minsk, who is behind it. "

Advent search, cracked doors

The apartment manager UCP branch Andrew Tolchin Advent search — the second in the last eight months:

"Carols, Christmas Carols — computers from home! They took my computer, computer cases, disks CD / DVD, MP3 player even took some reason — maybe listen to music," — says Andrew Tolchin.

Before dark were searched by KGB officers, who were led by Major Vasily Marynitch, in the office of the UCP on the street Polesskaya.

"Come Christmas such peddlers and begin to rake out all they can — says human rights activist Anatoly Poplavnoi. — I, for example — that's a miracle! — Personal phone and he was taken away. They said to put the phone in a prominent place on the table. I have performed the legitimate demands of the KGB — I did. And then they grab the phone and say that this is the thing that is in this room, and is subject to inspection. "

"In Polesskaya it seems, the fourth search, which was conducted here by KGB — said the regional coordinator of the campaign" For Fair Elections " Vladimir Katsora. — Nobody knows what there looking for. They took three computers stationary and portable 2 — laptops. The fact that they are doing illegal acts, especially when taken away personal items, there was no answer. But it was obvious that they need to pick up. I grabbed a bag from the table. That KGB officer, who did not even introduced myself. They broke down the door on the second floor, and even threatened to break the safe, where the party documents of the UCP and the press. "

Katsora concludes:

"Our society is a little sigh, fear became less. On the other side — the fear after the election significantly increased. And so we need to fear the power to pass all of society. Searches and carried out to show who's boss in Belarus. Necessary, that fear has returned — and All of this is done for. "

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