Civil society — for the release of political prisoners

The activists of the democratic movement in Minsk and regions continue to work on the release of all political prisoners, as well as support the politically repressed and their families, and public holidays. Examples of this telling reporters, "Freedom."


The Bible in sheets for Paul Sevyarinets

In Minsk, "an American," as it is called KGB prison, in these days of Christmas do not accept parcels for the prisoners. Meanwhile behind bars are former presidential candidates, as well as many other political activists who profess the Orthodox faith and celebrate today had the second day of Christmas.

Paul Seviarynets

For one of the prisoners — Paul Sevyarinets — Members of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party prepare a Christmas gift that will have to pass after the holidays, one of the activists said Valeria Chernomortsev:

"Parcels do not take: Paul's mother Tatiana Sevyarinets wanted to meet — Asked about such a possibility — not given this opportunity. And the only thing we came up with — to arrange such an action — "Give a Bible to Paul Seviarynets." We were trying to convey to him the Bible and do not know whether he was given. But he can send emails — supposedly they go. So we decided to call the people who want to congratulate and support Paul, take the specific text of bealruskamovnaga Bible text and send it to Paul. At first it will be the Gospel, and then other texts and send these letters to Paul. Thus, he will be able to get the Bible in the letters. Well, the most important thing we should send cards, letters and congratulations that he felt the memory and support. "

Meanwhile, in the estates of political, human rights and civil society organizations continue to work in helping prisoners and politically repressed, out-of-jail. Says Sergei Smotrichenko — one of the volunteers who works in the office of the BPF:

"At the moment the work is such that people come here after serving 10-15 days and write about themselves questionnaire. This information is collected by human rights defenders, then to determine whether the legal norms of arrest, detention in prisons and so on. I help people make such letters profiles, consulting and pass this information on. come here also many people who have signed the prisoners Christmas and New Year greeting cards, too, so we now pass on to these people and greeting cards. "

Legal assistance to all affected by the events of December 19 at the Independence Square is now also provide human rights organizations. During these days of Christmas has been also urge people to give moral support to political prisoners. Says Lawyer of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Harry Pahanyaila:

Harry Pahanyaila

"We offer congratulations to organize people — holiday packages, for example, there will not allow you to pass — but the word can support people need. Though on the other hand — we do not know — comes to people this communication or not. Two examples of those who have come out, they say they did not receive any products or correspondence. Though people are not charged and are eligible for such transfers. But the human rights community to operate in the country and we are ready to help make the appeal. We also help people rebuild at school or at work. Other human rights organizations help others recover their rights, and so on. "

Political, human rights and civil society organizations these days are also preparing an appeal to the European Community for help in the liberation of political prisoners, as well as for new free and fair elections in Belarus.

Vitebsk Region

The journalist writes the stories of participants Areas

The curiosity of readers to the fate of exhibition space journalist also believes the manifestation of public support.

Journalist regional website Constantine Shital first in the Vitebsk region began to collect and record the stories of fellow-participants in the events on December 19, had suffered for participation in the Minsk action:

It is necessary to make people aware of them, and that is an example to imitate …

"The people who came to the area, showed courage, expressed their citizenship, not byyuchysya that may lose something that could be affected. Should make people aware of them, and that is an example to imitate. I counted with my region about a dozen detainees wrote about Irina Gubskaya Sharkovshchina out about Veronica Stashulenak, about Nikolai Demidenko and Vladimir Eremenko Miory of … I think that people need to know their characters. "

Articles Constantine Shytalya countrymen read with great interest:

"I see these articles on the site are gaining a lot of hits. Simply a record number for the site. So it is clear that people are interested."

The curiosity of readers as the author considers the manifestation of public support.

Grodno region

"We believe that every citizen has a duty to help these people …"

The Grodno region people were not indifferent to the fate of those who came after the area in Akrestsin.

Slonim activists made the next day were gathered together and the first thing we did — made an appeal to the authorities to demand the release of all those detained in prison.

Also immediately decided to collect cash assistance and transfer to Minsk, where it is engaged in the distribution of the relevant people.

In the words of activist Ales Masyuk, well done: collected and sent money. But separately, says Ales Masuk, your friends in Akrestsin sent cards in order to support them morally.

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