Climatic tool sets?

Yet only recently on climate Weapons Convention reads as something quite mystical, but in the light of new developments around this issue appeared hype. First, this is due to the March earthquake in the land of the rising sun. For example, some media reported that a massive earthquake was not of natural origin and was caused as a result of testing by the U.S. military unknown weapon in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. So it or not — is not clear, but as of today there is no evidence of this version and its refutation. So after all is so severe climatic tool?

Under the climatic weapon assumed impact of technology on one or another natural phenomenon. Now it is in the main methods of control over the movement of air masses, fluctuations in the Earth's crust, rainfall and other natural environmental factors. The main question is, what special technology geophysical instruments, in reality there are and how they can be applied to the merits of any military-political goals.

The arguments about climate weapons occasionally accompanied by showing the facts. It is natural — its main essence lies in stealth. Management of geophysical disasters is meaningless if it attracts the enthusiasm of the public — in a similar case is much easier to do precision strikes or economic pressure.

At the peak of the vigorous work to create a climate instruments in 1977 was adopted and signed the UN Convention, which prohibits the military or other violent impact on the environment. The document was signed by all the leading countries of the world and puts climatic weapon on par with chemical and nuclear.

Climatic weapons come?

Air and Ocean

Tropical storms have become a real disaster for the United States. And because in this country in recent years there has been a steady trend of human settlement of coastal areas, then the harm of various cyclones every year. The champion was the storm "Katrina" in 2005, the devastating effects of which have cost the U.S. treasury 41 billion dollars, which, for example, for at least some third world countries would be tragic and fatal loss of money, significantly reduce the economic, social and military potential.

The United States Government, aware of the seriousness of the difficulties in the 60-ies of the last century, initiated the work to control the hurricane, and at first they were conducted only for peaceful purposes: protection of the country's coastline from the elements.

To work on a project known Stormfury South American scientists have begun in 1962. As part of this research project is the first time in the world of large-scale experiments have been carried out by the so-referred to as seeding clouds of silver iodide powder, which, according to the plan of scientists had to reincarnate the growing storm in a safe and pleasant rain.

Work in laboratories and practical experiments proceeded with varying success: scientists reported that the strength of the wind flow is reduced almost by 30%, while at the same time, an unlimited number of times after seeding the clouds it is not affected by the hurricane. It can be argued that, in general, project Localization hurricane fiasco, although he worked right up to 1983. But researchers at the time of the tests found a reliable and feasible method actually cause the rain that had success. Unfortunately, the results of their work have a different application, they immediately used the resourceful South American military in the war with Vietnam.

Climatic weapons come?

In the period from 1967 to 1972, the U.S. Army participated in Operation Popeye by seeding clouds of silver iodide powder. The aim of this large-scale military operation was to achieve the objective of the difficulty of the insurgency and the settlement of the Ho Chi Minh trail, which, according to the plan, was to wash away by flood waters. First use of silver iodide on the ground Boloven plateau, located in the valley of the river Xi Kong, was successful: the processed cluster crossed the borders of Vietnam, and the camp of the South American special forces crashed there almost four hours dropped 23 inches of rain. As a result of the operation Popeye the rainy season rain in the treated area increased from 30 to 45 days, and the number of daily precipitation jumped to third. Aerial reconnaissance confirmed the difficulty roading, the men were in charge of the soil under my feet transformed into a sea of mud.

To achieve similar results require the introduction of 3-transport aircraft C-130 and 2-fighter F-4C, which made the cover. In addition, despite the denials ultimaticheskie Pentagon, a huge number of professionals believe that the project has become a prerequisite for Popeye devilish flooding in the countryside of North Vietnam in 1971.

It is worth noting that the political burdens arising from the introduction of scientific technology for military purposes, have not stopped the South American government. The likely international censure climate manipulation Robert S. McNamara, Secretary of Defense at the time, replied that such statements in the recent past been used to prevent military activities strictly in the interests of national security of the United States, in other words, it's just silly words of detractors who are hungry to prevent the Yankees protect their interests. Note that the Lao government was not even informed of the testing procedure with the climate. With the departure of the U.S. Army in Vietnam experiences related to the impact of tropical typhoons, did not end in the 1980s engaged in similar aircraft already the Soviet Union.

At the current time, and uses modern educated, more sophisticated and robust agents capable of initiating precipitation. Thus, namely powder Dyn-O-Gel, manufactured by Dyn-O-Mat, able to absorb an unlimited quantity of water, turns into a gel adhesive. At the same time, the powder did not pass the tests for the Prevention of storms: rain falling in the emerging tornado caused only minor fluctuations in wind speed virtually a few meters per second. At the same time, the powder Dyn-O-Gel is able to cause large storms, flooding with all this, some areas and causing significant drought in others.

Damage to the economy and the enemy army can inflict not only precipitation, and strong gale-force winds. Wind at high speed can destroy infrastructure makes impracticable the use of combat aircraft, binds acts of ground forces, complicates the implementation of tactical and ballistic missiles. But can a storm be the first step on the coast of hostile invasion of the country?

Moshe Alamar, a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology proves that there is a special technology management hurricanes. Their basic nature is an artificial temperature control in different parts of the emerging tornado. Control is performed accurately, the movement direction of heating or, conversely, the cooling of certain portions with seeding soot, microwave irradiation, evaporation of water, the laser and the like. According to the scientists, a good way to influence the wind is a tremendous sea-going vessel, gear jet engines that make a big updraft. In just a few hours of active work engines initiate the formation of a tornado, and it obedi
ently, as if on the circuit following the vessel.

Climatic weapons come?Earthquakes and tsunamis

Recent activity in the Land of the Rising Sun, related to the earthquake and before the massive tsunami in Indonesia suggest the idea, but is it possible to cause such tragic events artificially? In 2000, the public domain was a South American secret project entitled Project Seal (Seal Project) which developed in the years 1944-1945. This military program under the control of Dr. Thomas Leach meant undermining of days on the ocean huge amount of explosives that would lead to a local tsunami washes away buildings located on the coast of the enemy.

First experiment was conducted in the Pacific Ocean, off the peninsula Vangaparaoa belonging of New Zealand. Participants announced the success of the experience, but to this day remains unknown than to complete this project in reality. Later, also held a huge amount of sea trials of massive nuclear bombs, more suitable for the creation of cyclopean waves. There is information that the scientific project manager Thomas Leach planned to smuggle to the location of nuclear weapons tests at Bikini Atoll, collecting disk imaging, necessary to improve the tsunami-bomb project.

At the current time confirmed reports of application of climate guns there but the operation Popeye, declassified sly South American journalist. Yet, the controversy associated with the possible use of agents that activate rainfall, sometimes happen: thousands of farmers from the most arid regions across the planet and stare at the sky from time to time, behold the suspicious footprints that stretch for aircraft.

Some experts at suspect that last year's temperature records in Russia are rooted not in such a thing as global warming and the use of the U.S. military's own development tools climate, this at the time it was written on the pages of Komsomolskaya Pravda. The first suspect was notorious station HAARP, located in Alaska, 250 kilometers northeast of Anchorage. Americans argue that the station was constructed to study the effects of Tipo aurora, but some experts believe it is in the hard way. Doubt the fact that the station emits 3,600 square meters heavens, it has become the most massive device in the world for the impact on the ionosphere. Military experts at are convinced that this tool climatic or ionosphere. All the more so that all significant natural disasters in Russia and other countries around the world began, surprisingly, immediately after the server was started.

Second striking fact: the other day, last year's extreme weather events on NASA gallakticheskuyu was put into orbit a new gallaktichesky unmanned spacecraft X-37B, which is delivered in near-Earth space gallakticheskoe massive lasers. X-37B mission was carried out in a serious secrecy about his time spent in space just did not understand. According to some reports, one hundred percent automatic ship was due to take place in space more than 270 days, then land on one of the bases of the U.S. Air Force on the ground. It should be added that, according to official reports of the Pentagon, the X-37B was to be released into the desired orbit and perform a series of tests there, the spirit and the purpose of which was not disclosed. At the same time, shortly before the start in the Western media reported that the company Raytheon conducted in May 2010 successful test of combat laser system.

Climatic weapons come?

The use of large-scale weather shocks in the current period will not only to condemn the world community, and to the harsh combat, comparable to the response to a nuclear attack. It follows the logical conclusion that "strategic" climate tool, which could be completely premise of disasters such as storm "Katrina" in 2005 or unusual drought in Russia in 2010, or not used, or there is a global komplot governments of the 10-ka, including damage to their own interests.

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